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Thread: Your best purchase

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    Your best purchase

    I have been looking around my home at all the things I have bought over the last 10 years. Some very much wanted and some where bought on a whim. Of all the items I do have my two favorite are the treadmill and the laptop. I use both almost everyday. Have had the treadmill for 6 years I think.
    One of the items I bought years ago was a fitness membership and hardly ever went.
    What are some of your favorite items and what where some you wish you had not bought?

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    The things bought on a whim are mostly clothes that hang in my closet that I probably will end up giving away.
    What I did buy that I treasure most was my van that gave me exactly the comfort and wear that I was lookng for.

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    My camera,DVD player and Laptop are my favorites.I really don't have buyers remose on alot of things I have bought.I research before I buy almost anything.My cats(didn't pay adoption fees for them)and hammie of course.
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    Well, the two best purchases that I made are actually not paid off yet! It would have to be our house and my piano. I love love love owning a home and not having to worry about landlords anymore! (We bought our first house 9 months ago).

    The piano is the best I've ever owned, though it is by no means worthy of a concert hall or anything. But it does have a lovely, bright sound, has a nice feel, and it is pretty. Plus it is great to be able to practice and enjoy the way it sounds. I worked in a piano studio as a teacher for 2 years and got to play on some extremely good instruments, so I had to have something at home that could compare a little bit, or I wouldn't practice.

    As far as "bad" purchases, I see evidence of this all over the house...nothing overly expensive, but I do own a lot of junk I could sure live without. Makes me wonder how much money I would have in the bank if I could get a refund on all of the unnecessary stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pembroke_Corgi View Post
    As far as "bad" purchases, I see evidence of this all over the house...nothing overly expensive, but I do own a lot of junk I could sure live without. Makes me wonder how much money I would have in the bank if I could get a refund on all of the unnecessary stuff!
    Oh I hear ya and I second that! I have a lot I got rid of at yard sale last Spring and hope to do a clean out again this Spring. I didn't have the yard sale, I donated it to the group which does feral cat rescue. They told me my stuff alone brought in over $200!!

    My digital camera which I bought just after adopting Lacey is absolutely the best thing I have ever done! And everyone here on PT gets to enjoy the benefits.

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    My best purchase would have to be having Lasik eye surgery. It was the best $ I ever have spent. I used to be blind as a bat, aka nearsighted, and could not see anything unless it was almost touching my nose, or I had my contacts in or glasses on. Now, I can see 20/15 with no assistance!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    My digital camera which I bought just after adopting Lacey is absolutely the best thing I have ever done! And everyone here on PT gets to enjoy the benefits.
    I love enjoying those benefits!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pembroke Corgi
    As far as "bad" purchases, I see evidence of this all over the house...nothing overly expensive, but I do own a lot of junk I could sure live without.
    That goes double for me!

    I bought an open-hole flute about a year and a half ago. Making that investment has kept me playing when I might otherwise have quit.

    And the adoption fee that brought Cassie Cat home with me
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    I think maybe a gym membership, my Nintendo DS, or my sketching supplies. Can't live without any of those, of course I probably can't live without a million other things either, that I don't realize. Maybe I'll add my NEW phone to that list as well.

    Honestly, I do buy alot of junk but I normally don't splurge in a store. I just bought a little tin mailbox at target recently for $1. If it had been more I definitely wouldn't have bought it. I just thought it was adorable for so cheap!

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    I have a houseful of things I didn't need. It's sad. Over the last year I have drastically cut down on buying things, and I got rid of a lot of stuff by donating it all to charity.

    The good purchases I made were my dogs, my computer, my bedroom furniture (a 1930's complete set in perfect condition), and my car.
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    Hmm my best purchases in no particular order...

    ~The cats and anything for them. My guys (and girl ) are a source of great stress relief!
    ~Toys for Nick, no matter what seeing him happy makes ME happy
    ~my computer, without it Id go nuts . At least its been fairly cheap since I get a lot of parts at wholesale or free from client trade ins.
    ~My car, best lump of money I ever spent. Not many people can claim surviving on $5 a week in gas
    ~My DJ equipment, music is a big part of my life.

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    Fun thread!

    A few of my best purchases are:
    ~Anything for Cameron - that little boy makes my life sunnier.
    ~My laptop. How'd I live before I had it?!?
    ~ my house. I love my house!

    A few of my worst purchases are:
    ~The large print alarm clock that I can't see since the only way to read it in the middle of the night is to press a button to make the d&*# thing glow. The reason I bought it was because I thought it would glow and be visible all night, even without glasses. grrr.
    ~ Too many shoes/clothes/accessories to list. All were incredible bargains.... but in hte light of home after the shopper's victory wore off, I realize that if its not flattering or comfortable, its not a great deal.

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    My best most recent purchase was new carpet for my condo. I've never had new carpet before and my old carpet was at least 25-30 years old, worn out, and badly stained.

    My computer,my digital camera,adopting all of my cats,high speed internet,new dishwasher,new refrigerator,getting rid of carpet in my bathrooms and replacing it with a hard surface type of linoleum.

    Some of my worst purchases have been gym memberships,treadmill and exercise equipment,shoes,some clothes, and just ending up with too much junk and/or clutter.
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    The best:
    Sparky - my bargain basement ShihTzu for $25. What a steal!
    Digital camera
    Oreck vacuum

    The worst:
    Ronco rotisserie oven - HATE IT and hardly ever use it
    Misc clothes, shoes, handbags I didn't really NEED
    More knickknacks to collect dust
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    By far that'd be my computer. It is also the most expensive thing I own, and that includes my crappy car. Then would come my camera, which I have used for over four years. Also, my shoes that I bought new from a consignment store for $15.

    The worst has just got to be the complete and utter crap that has accumulated over the years that I just had to have because it was on sale, or the vintage 80s rainbow suit I bought off ebay because I never wear it.

    edit: I'd have to add my tablet as something I shouldn't have asked for. It was a gift but I don't really use it ever. I still haven't gotten the hang of using it over a year later.
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    Best things I've purchased:

    - My car
    - College education
    - Digital camera
    - Manual SLR
    - Bamboo Wacom Tablet

    Worst things - I don't think I'd have any.
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