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Thread: Have your Furkids trained you well?

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    Have your Furkids trained you well?

    Years ago I had an Old English Sheepdog who loved people food. It wasn't particularly good for her sensitive tummy however, how could I possibly deny her a morsel every now and then

    I got into the habit of saving my 'last bite' for her - always. The habit stuck, even after she had passed. For a very long time, I could not eat my last bite (of anything) because it was being saved for my baby dog

    How well do your kids have you trained?
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    Mine usually get the last bite. When I eat away from home, I find myself looking for the dogs to give them that last bite. Once in a while, depending on what we're eating, my kitty Missy also sits in wait. Sassy never does.
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    Boo suddenly has a interest in what I am eating and must have a bite.. I am properly trained to give it to her.. (otherwise she sits there and continues to tap my arm and give me that ever so pitiful look)

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    Yes, they all have me trained, everyone from the hamster to the cats. I buy them treats, toys. Feed them before I sit down to my own dinner.
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    Yes, my Rita has us trained, lol!
    If she gets up to go to the back door when she's in the house, we'll get up to go let her out. If she goes twards the door even more once someone has gotten up, this means she wants outside. If you get up and she goes twards you, she just wants a treat! LOL, silly Rita!

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    My furkid has trained me VERY well to get up and see what she needs when she starts tearing any available piece of paper with her teeth at oh-dark-thirty AM! It's usually a request for breakfast but it might be "turn the space heater on for me" or "move over so I can snuggle by you".
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    Oh Yes for sure My Furr Purr Babies have me trained real well..

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