I find this so disgusting and repulsive. The thought of saying it out loud bothered me.

Well... Our little miss priss has somehow gotten tapeworms. Vet asked if she had eaten a rabbit recently... thats a definite no. And they dont have fleas either.. so maybe one just rode in with her from the patio and she ate it. Thats what Im led to believe anyways. We'd definitely notice if they had fleas. Thats for sure. So who knows really.

Took her stool sample in and had it tested, although you could see the worms sticking out of the stool.. So gross. I know.

So she got a dose of some medicine (starts with a D...) and hopefully she'll be all cleared up ASAP!

I've been watching the other two's stools and they seem to be worm-free. I'll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed.