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Thread: My dog may have bone cancer

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    My dog may have bone cancer

    I have an 8 year old St. Bernard. Yesterday she was climbing down the stairs and tripped. She hurt her leg. She was able to walk but was limping and her leg has a huge bump. Although she seemed ok today I decided to take her to the vet just to be on the safe side. He did some xrays and it's not good. She has inflammation which I expected from the fall. However, I did not expect him to tell me that parts of her bone appear to be "eaten away." This was not caused by the fall but has been happening for awhile. He suggested that we do a biopsy to find out for sure if it is bone cancer. His gut feeling is that it probably is because of my dog's age and breed and because of what he is seeing on the xrays. If it is bone cancer he said I basically have 2 choices: amputation or just make her comfortable as possible until it is time to put her to sleep.

    I am devastated. I've been crying all day. This is not what I expected. I just don't know what to do. Has anyone else had to deal with this?

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    I'm sorry you're going through this.

    My parents own two boxers. The oldest, Sara, is often "ran over" by the youngest, Maggie. This past Fall, she developed a knot on her back leg. A couple of xrays later, it was determined that the leg had been fractured at one point (who knows when - it was already healed).

    Fast forward to this winter, Sara was/is having problems walking. We initially thought it was the bump (arthritis?) but as it grew worse, we began to think it was her hip dysplasia. Last week, she went in for another xray (this time of her hips). We were shocked to find out that something is wrong with her spine.

    Sara went back yesterday for more testing/xrays (under sedation). We're still waiting for the results. While the vet doesn't know exactly what's going on at this point, he thinks she might have some sort of bone infection. (He doesn't want to treat it without being 100% sure though, as steroids -or what have you- could rapidly have the opposite affect if it turns out that it isn't a bone infection.) We're on pins and needles.

    Again, I'm so sorry that you & your St. B are going through this. My prayers go out to you both!

    As a bit of a side note, while it's quite scary to think of a pet losing a limb, a 3 legged dog can keep up with the best of 'em. (I'm learning this myself! A dear lady I know is fostering a dog who was hit by a car and had to have a front leg removed.)

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    Oh, dear. I hope it isn't cancer, or if it is, that a simple (okay, not so simple) amputation will eliminate it. I have known several 3-legged dogs, and they all adjusted amazingly well.

    My Dad lost Bruni, our family's most recent Saint Bernard, to lymphoma at 8 1/2 years old. It's sad, but they tend to hide any hurts from us for far too long. I hope your Boo Boo will be okay.
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    I never even saw this coming. If you were to look at her she would appear to be in perfect temperature, bright eyed, great appetite, etc.. Her blood work from 2 months ago was just fine too.

    I can't tell if she is in any pain. She is not whimpering. She runs around and is playful, although right now she is taking it easy. I won't let her do anything strenuous.

    I lost my cat to cancer 2 years ago and now this. I feel horrible.

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    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I know it must be really hard to go through this. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Our pups are so stoic. My RB Cody passed from cancer only about 1 week after being diagnosed. I had no clue either. No whimpering, no reaction, only on the last day. *Sigh*. It's so unfair.

    If I were you, and I've thought about this often, I would opt for a three legged love-bucket, if it was an absolute cure. I know 3 leggers and they get along just fine.

    Hoping that there's a quick solution for BooBoo and that she reovers quickly. Good Luck and lots of huigs.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your Boo and hope for a good diagnosis.

    We recently found out our 7 year old lab mix has cancer in her leg, although it is in the tissue, not the bone. She had one surgery early November, when the diagnosis was made, and will have a second on January 9th to remove all excess tissue in the area to try to prevent a reoccurance, or spread of the cancer. It is a scary thing to consider, but I too wonder if someday amputation may be a decision we have to consider. Cincy also always appears perfectly healthy and happy, full of energy and always playing hard with the other dogs.

    Thoughts and prayers for a good outcome for Boo Boo

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    At on the amputee bb there are a number of bone cancer survivors, with chemo and without. Good luck!

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    I'm sorry your pup is not well. Many prayers that it can be treated.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope it's not cancer.

    I lost my Toby last summer to bone cancer.

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    Thank you for the well wishes. I can't stop crying. I'm a basketcase right now.

    Next week I am taking her to get chest x-rays to see if the cancer has spread to her lungs. I hope not!! From there I will determine what is the next step. I've been researching vet oncology centers to see which place is a better fit. I wish some of these places were a little closer. Oh well. I guess me and my BooBoo will be going for a long drive.

    This evening I will be staying home with my fur baby spoiling her rotten with treats and love.

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    I had a Greyhound that had bone cancer. He had just turned 11 at the time of his diagnosis. When the vet came into the room to show us the X-ray, he was in tears. He put the X-ray on the the reader, and my jaw dropped. I could see the honeycombing in the bone, and I have no education in radiology.

    Because of his age, we opted to medicate for the pain, and not amputate. We did not even do a biopsy, because that would not have changed our course of treatment. We believe it was osteosarcoma, though, because of his breed and the aggressiveness of the tumor.

    He lived another four months. Thanks to the meds, he was relatively pain-free for most of that time. We knew it was time when we found tumors on his gums. He had a very restless night that night, and could not lie down comfortably. The next day, a vet-friend came to our home and helped him pass, while he was lying in our arms.

    I miss him every day, and would love to have him back. But I do not regret a thing we did. I would not do it differently now...
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