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Thread: Late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year

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    Late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year

    I got a Christmas card in the mail today and I stared at the return address and then realize who sent it to me! Thank you Karen.

    We are doing good. Gigi is 5 now... pretty crazy how time flies. Still doing agility, we didn't go on trials that much, but Gigi LOVES it so much. We have a little collection of ribbons. haha. I am doing pretty good. I finally am out of the financial/mortgage business and am working for a University right now. Woohoo! And I love it. All is well.

    Here is our belated Christmas & New Year card to you all.

    And here is the bonus pic when Gigi was like 3-4 months old. I found this pic when I was looking through my files.

    She sure did grow up, huh?
    Jen & Gigi

    Thanks Kay for the set.

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    Gigi looks adorable in her red outfit. Cute pcture.
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    Oh, good to see Gigi and to hear from you! Glad you are out of the mortgage business - education will always be around!

    What university are you working for, can you say? Does Gigi ever get to go to work with you?
    I've Been Frosted

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