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Thread: my cat snores

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    my cat snores

    my cat snores while he is asleep as well as he is awake. could this be serious, i watch him like a hawk and there are no other symptoms, he is happy and still plays alot
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    What kind of kitty is he? Persians and other 'push-face' cats often do snore because of their shortened nasal passages.
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    I have to agree with Karen. Our Raven, was a rescued Persian, and she did the same breathing as your cat. Please give us a few more details....

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    A number of ours snore. Mits, the one that puts me to sleep can rip almost as loud as I do. Bart will when he sleeps on his yummy. The little one ROZ likes too slide under the blanket and all you hear is her rumble. Chessie has a whitsle and drools like crazy.
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    Well, my Persian's face is as flat as a pancake and he only snores when he sleeps, not when he's awake. I have heard that Persians and Himmies potentially can have breathing problems because of the shape of their face, but Max hasn't had any problems at all and he's 16 now.

    BTW, Max tells me that I snore too...
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    My cat Sky snores but his nose gets stuffy and this is probably the reason. He's on some herbal pills to help his sinuses but sometimes he'll still make some noises. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
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    My Siamese Coco Puff snores but I didn't even think to mention it to my vet. He has no other symptoms and isn't sick so I just thought it was cute. He did have a URI a couple of months ago and got a Convenia shot which cleared it up right away but he still snores.

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    my cat snores

    he is a tabby he didnt start to snore like this until he was sick from being in the animal shelter while i was flooded out

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    When you say he was sick, do you mean he had an upper respiratory infection? Did the shelter treat it in any way, or did you when he came home to you again? URI's in the shelter environment are very, very common, especially with cats who are stressed. Perhaps he has a residual viral infection in his sinuses. Does he sneeze? Do his eyes water? Is there any discharge from his nose at all?

    Cats, being prey, can appear lively and apparently healthy even when seriously ill because it's one of their defenses against predators. I think all of us on this forum have learned to look past good appetites, playfulness, etc. and focus on symptoms because we've all been fooled in the past.

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    Snoring kitty...

    Two of our cats snore (our two girls) and they have for years. I've had them both checked out by our vet who has decided that this is just something that they do, although I still watch them both carefully.

    In your case, since the snoring began after a stay at the shelter, I would absolutely have him checked out by your vet. Shelters and vet's offices are like doctor's offices and hospitals...They are veritable germ factories, and your puss may have picked up a bug. Upper respiratory problems in cats can be serious and hard to pin down, so I definitely think you should contact your vet.
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