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Thread: Just wondering...cats and whistling

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    Just wondering...cats and whistling

    Hello cat lovers!

    Two of my seven cats go crazy whenever I whistle, they have to rub on me and go nuts. I have looked for information about this without finding anything reliable or that satisfied my curiosity, so here it is.

    Does whistling hurt their ears and bug them? So they come to make me stop...Or do they enjoy it so much they have to rub on me to thank me to add music to their lifes?

    Thanks for your input!!!

    Curious Kitty

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    I have no idea, but I know our cats LOVE music, esp MOZART!!!

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    My previous cat, Chester who is in heaven, enjoyed very much jazz and new age music; Sophie hates harmonica and hides when she hears it..

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    Normaly Cats dont like high pitch noises.. Yes it can hurt their ears.. Also dont turn the TV or Stereo on too loud..

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    Thanks for your input!!

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    Whenever I whistle my Simon will come. Great way to find him but I think he also wants me to stop. If I keep whistling long enough he will jump up and cover my mouth with his body. LOL

    Not sure if he is saying I know that is the signal for me to come so why keep doing it when I am here or I really don't like to hear it so stop already.

    He just gets nervous if I keep doing it so not sure what his message is. If he enjoyed it he probably would not try to stop me.

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    My cats hate it when I whistle! If I whistle too long, they come after me and try to bite me It's pretty amusing.

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    I had a kitty YEARS ago named Trouble, he was the only cat I ever owned that was trained to do things. I could get him to jump from the floor to my shoulders, he ALWAYS got in the tub with me when I would soak, and would ask my permission to get on my lap. He seemed extra sensitive to whistling! If I would wistle, he would come running, if I kept it up, he would jump up on me and nip my lips as if telling me to please stop. I haven't thought of him for a long time. And you just brought back very fond memories of a wonderful boy.

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