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Thread: At the very end of my rope....

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    At the very end of my rope....

    I have been so frustrated lately. I have so much going on, and Suzie is starting peeing wars with the other cats.

    She pees on everything, my NEW furniture, the carpets, oven, dryer/washer, floors, top of fridge(so that it runs down the sides), cabinets, INSIDE cabinets, counters, clothes, walls, desk, LAPTOP, EVERYTHING! She has been doing this for years now. Sometimes, I wish I would have never took her in. She has been the WORST cat ever.

    Now, she has gotten 4 OTHER cats to start peeing where she does. I find ATLEAST 10 spots per day. She has been to the vet constantly, has cost me TONS of money, and NOTHING is wrong medically with her. NOTHING.

    I have tried Prozac, amitriptylin, seperating her, everything. I tried the feliway plug ins, But they are too expensive, and this house is too big to buy as many as it would take../

    This is a brand new house, we use half of our income to pay for it. Now it smells like pee.. We work too hard to pay for this place, to have it ruined. I have 19 pets, and she is BY FAR the worst of the worse.

    Something has got to change, and NOW! I cant do this anymore. Really. It has been 4 years of me trying everything, new vets, different tests, different litters, different potty pans, and locations, sprays, cleaners, pills, even a pet psychic! The vets say put her down, at to be honest, it IS coming to that.

    I know that sounds bad, and I sound like a bad owner, but I dont know anyone else who puts up with this crap for 4 years. It is ridiculous. I cant even have company over, or stay the night. If I do, they must lock their stuff in a closet, and try explaining why... SO embarrassing. Esp when your cat PEES in their pocketbook

    I refuse to cage her forever, I dont have to money to get a cage anyways. I have NO more rooms to put her in. I am at the VERY END of my rope... I just needed to vent. IF anyone knows of someone with a barn, or a outdoor enclosure, Please let me know. Suzies VERY MAD MEOWMIE
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    Thank you so much Michelle!

    Please be responsible, spay and neuter your pets!

    I've been BOO'd!!! Thanks Lori!

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