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Thread: At the very end of my rope....

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    At the very end of my rope....

    I have been so frustrated lately. I have so much going on, and Suzie is starting peeing wars with the other cats.

    She pees on everything, my NEW furniture, the carpets, oven, dryer/washer, floors, top of fridge(so that it runs down the sides), cabinets, INSIDE cabinets, counters, clothes, walls, desk, LAPTOP, EVERYTHING! She has been doing this for years now. Sometimes, I wish I would have never took her in. She has been the WORST cat ever.

    Now, she has gotten 4 OTHER cats to start peeing where she does. I find ATLEAST 10 spots per day. She has been to the vet constantly, has cost me TONS of money, and NOTHING is wrong medically with her. NOTHING.

    I have tried Prozac, amitriptylin, seperating her, everything. I tried the feliway plug ins, But they are too expensive, and this house is too big to buy as many as it would take../

    This is a brand new house, we use half of our income to pay for it. Now it smells like pee.. We work too hard to pay for this place, to have it ruined. I have 19 pets, and she is BY FAR the worst of the worse.

    Something has got to change, and NOW! I cant do this anymore. Really. It has been 4 years of me trying everything, new vets, different tests, different litters, different potty pans, and locations, sprays, cleaners, pills, even a pet psychic! The vets say put her down, at to be honest, it IS coming to that.

    I know that sounds bad, and I sound like a bad owner, but I dont know anyone else who puts up with this crap for 4 years. It is ridiculous. I cant even have company over, or stay the night. If I do, they must lock their stuff in a closet, and try explaining why... SO embarrassing. Esp when your cat PEES in their pocketbook

    I refuse to cage her forever, I dont have to money to get a cage anyways. I have NO more rooms to put her in. I am at the VERY END of my rope... I just needed to vent. IF anyone knows of someone with a barn, or a outdoor enclosure, Please let me know. Suzies VERY MAD MEOWMIE
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    Thank you so much Michelle!

    Please be responsible, spay and neuter your pets!

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    Oh my. Suzie, have you been a very bad girl this year?? Stop it, or you might get coal in your stocking! *giggles* My mom doesn't know any solution to it but Mom keeps us in a screened in porch with all our belongings. Does your meowmy have a screened in porch? Misty (me) has been throwing up in the hallway whenever I come in or anywhere else. I do not go to the bathroom, but I throw up. I'm also a VERY bad kitten this year. This is my first year of living and Mom can't stand to put me down. Mom says your meowmy doesn't sound like a bad owner at all. Mom wishes she could do something for me that keeps her ankles & wrists safe from my claws but I am UNSTOPPABLE!!

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    You mentioned that you've tried Prozac and Ametryptilene but have you tried Clomicalm? Forgive me if I suggested this previously but I've had such good success w/it w/no side effects in any of my cats. They each get 1/4 of a 20 mg. pill at night before bed and there have been no pee incidents since. The key is to be consistent (don't miss a dose) and to give it to them before bed. It keeps them calm so that they sleep well but it doesn't drug them and it has a slight residual effect so that they behave during the day. It's been a godsend for this household. Some vets say that it takes a while to work but it began working immediately for my cats. Some people have a generic liquid compounded or a generic capsule made because they're less expensive but they also have not seen as much success w/it. I bit the bullet and bought the pills and no more inappropriate peeing. It costs $34 for a one month supply and it's worth every penny. Why not talk to your vet about it? It'll save your house and your sanity. Good luck. I know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. I had 4 out of control cats until I started them on Clomicalm.

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    Gee, I can see where you are at your wits end. I would be too after 4 years of one peeing all over my house. Is there anyway you could just put her out of the house and make her an outside cat? I would not judge or criticize anyone for doing what they have to in a case like this.. I know you have done and tried everything possiable to fix the problem and when she has the rest of them doing it, you HAVE to do something and do it fast!

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    Katie...if you can hang on til January, or if you are in touch with more friends and family than usual this time of year, you may have to think about rehoming your fosters.

    I KNOW how you love your kitties, and the bond they have with you...but a new home for even two of them could make a difference. Peeing is territorial.

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    Yeah, what Candace said. It is all behavioural. She is stressed and feels the need to mark her territory.

    Vita is my Queen here, thank heavens I only have ONE Queen! She started peeing in January, when Tommy & Tuppence arrived. For months, I thought it was dear Ozzy, as he was an old dog with no house training. Finally leanred the "truth" in September. Since then, I've used Catty1's method, a strip of fabric over her collar, and spray the fabric with Feliway. If I spray Mon, Wed and Fri, we are good. If I miss a day, Vita is marking territory again.

    Thank goodness, Vita is not peeing on furniture. She will mark any piece of fabric she finds on the floor - from pet beds to catnip mice!

    Can you keep her in a room with just a few kitties for a while to help her calm down and adjust? I hope you can find a solution, even if it means rehoming.

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    Oh Katie... I am so sorry. What a nightmare. I wish I had the magical suggestion that would solve all the problems.

    I hope the Clomicalm will work or one of the other suggestions here will be helpful.

    God bless.

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    I have a semi-feral, Gracie, that my sister rescued about four years ago. Gracie was peeing all over the house, more so after cat #13 showed up at my house this summer. She is now in a large cage 28x36 in the living room and seems very happy and secure there. When I clean her box and feed her she makes no attempt to escape from the cage. I put a blanket over the cage, leaving just the front open, to give her more privacy. I don't like the thought of keeping her in the cage for the rest of her life, but there is no good alternative. Who would adopt a cat that pees all over?

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    Dearest Katie, please don't feel bad, no-one will be judging you here, and we all can empathize with your awful situation,nobody wants their home to smell like a cat toilet.

    I had a few issues for only a small time when i first took in the girls, and it nearly drove me up the wall, and it was nothing compared to what you describe, i certainly don't blame you one little bit, I think you do indeed have to re-home her for the sake of your sanity, (your asset your home) and your other kitties too.

    Maybe the medication Medusa suggested might work, and i know you will give it your best shot,I think you probably have done that already,I can only wish you all the best of luck with trying that or re-homing Suzie.

    Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge,Zara,Rusty, Juliette ,Romeo,sweet Tessa,wee stray and Harvey you all will never be forgotten.

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    I feel your pain....

    Katie you should try to rehome her to a family that only wants one cat sometimes the issues go away once they are in an environment that only contains one cat? I have found that on a purebred cat website that a ton of the time it has to do with stress and being with all your babies might just be to much for her? Might be a win win??? I totally know how you feel my dear, I wouldn't have dealt with it this long. I would have taken her to a rescue group or found someone to take her. SO sorry for you and Suzie this will be difficult but you do have to do whats best for your family.... Prayers that the medication suggestion works. I will be thinking of you both.

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    Katie, when I was having peeing problems with both Storm and Starr,which were also behavioral, I bought a couple of bags of Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter and I just poured some if it on top of my other litter. It worked out great. I also bought more litter boxes and put them close to the peeing areas. One was by my front door so I gradually moved the litter box to a new location. Now I'm using Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter which is unscented and they all love it.

    Here's a link to Dr. Elsey's booklet with coupons: He also makes a litter additive which might help you too. I've never used it though. Good luck.

    Here's another good link that might help you:
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