Chino, we are so pleased to meet you and your family -- feline & human. Felix is a rescue and I'm a recycled kitty...we appreciate your story very much. A few humans are deserving of our feline love and trust and we're so happy you found your fur~ever home.

At our Palace we are saddened to learn of the passing of beloved Shylah. Her good fortune was your purr~ents loved and cared for her.

You are much like Felix who is a Maine Coon kitty. He's big, furry and loving. He has those sweet Ragdoll traits of always wanting to be with our KatMa, kissing her, sitting on her, hanging out across her shoulders... I am very affectionate too but in a classy, quiet, dignified manner suitable to my station in life which is King of the Palace. Felix is the little Prince.

Celebrate being our Cat of the Day. You are a fine specimen of feline and deserving of the title. Have a big party with your purr~ents, Pixie and Diego. Shylah must be very pleased you are Cat of the Day as she watches over all of you from Rainbow Bridge.

Live long & prosper, loved and cherished which is what every pet deserves.

kittykisses from me, Norman the King and my baby brother, Felix the Prince;
our purr~ents, Paw-Paw and KatMa send lots of caresses and kisses to you and your sibs.