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Thread: Cats and Christmas

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    Cats and Christmas

    Hi just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to keep my cats from destroying my Christmas Tree. I have 3 got them last year from someone who was trying to find them a new home. I have Rocky who is 3-3.5 yrs old. I have Pumpkin who is 2 - 2.5 and Mel who is 5 -5.5 years old. Appearently Pumpkin would destroy the tree she would climb it and knock it down. I haven't got my tree up yet but just wondered what I can do to keep her from destroying it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This may or may not help, but you might try dapping the tree with orange extract. I've found cats hate the stuff and will tend to avoid it. Whether it works or not depends on how stubborn and motivated they are for destruction

    Plus, it will smell nice to you, and is safe.

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    Well at my house the only way for keeping the cats off of the Christmas Tree == Is Not To Have One Up..

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    If you can place your tree between 2 windows, you can secure the tree to the windows with fishing line. We have done that in the past. Also, place plastic bags filled with kitty litter at the base of the tree. We put the tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and let it sit there in the living room, until the cats get the idea of the " new growth " in the living room. Then I slowly add decorations to the tree. NO GLASS ornaments or TINSEL(sp). I have discovered cats sleeping in the tree. They wrecked a really nice prelit tree. I found in Terry's Village, a tree that the cats do not seem to bother. The first three feet of the tree is the trunk, and the upper three feet is the Christmas tree. You might want to try that model!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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    I have six cats here (at one time just four). My trick to this all is as follows:

    1. no tinsel
    2. no breakables from the middle down
    3. don't worry about it too much (lol)

    I have never had difficulty with my cats. They think it is their "secret drinking station" or "cover" to hide from other kitties.

    The stand is a very secure one and I used to tie it to window frames at one time when they were kittens.

    Not sure why I'm so lucky, but it always seems to be okay!
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    Christmas tree issues...We've had this problem...

    with one of our cats, too (we have 3 also). After trying everything with not much success, we tried this rather unorthodox idea, and it's worked quite well.

    We got a small squirt gun (the kind you fill with water), and whenever our cat in question (his name's Wally) would either begin messing with the tree (climbing it, messing with the ornaments, lights or branches) we would first sternly tell him NO, and if that didn't work, he'd get a quick squirt, which invariably sends him running in the opposite direction. It has worked very well...Wally gets the message, he doesn't get hurt from the water, but dislikes it enough to stop. Often, all we have had to do is to say NO sternly and just show him the water gun, and he'll quit.

    We've had Wally for two and a half years, so this is our third Christmas with him. The first year was a mess...Last year we came up with the squirt gun idea, and this year is much, much better. He has learned what that squirt gun means. It does take repetition and patience. I've heard of other people who have tried this too, and it takes time for the cat to get the idea, but they usually do get the idea...Climbing tree=getting squirted.

    If you give this a try, good luck. It has worked quite well for us...And for Wally, too.

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    Please be careful of the fishing rod. Because it is stiff and sharp, if they decide to chew on it and swallow any it could possibly cause internal damage.

    You are better off with plain, thin cotton string or heavy-duty thread, the latter maybe tripled up for strength.

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    Some time peole wonder why we have a cup hook in our cieling, it's to tie the tree too. Again no tinsle, we use garland, lights are lit only when we are home. We only use the styrofoam balls (a few usualy end up on the floor after the holidays). In the last 22 years no problems.
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    Christmas Tree Update

    My cats were fine with tree didn't bother it too too much. Only one was really interested. Tree didn't get knocked down and no ornaments got broken. The one cat did climb the tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerri Putt View Post
    The one cat did climb the tree.
    Any photos?

    Glad your tree survived the holiday.

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