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Thread: The Mitten Tree

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    The Mitten Tree

    The Mitten Tree at church today.That is our Reverend Joe Lafave standing next to it.The mittens,hats and scarfs on the tree we brought to church,will go to kids who really need them.Reverend Lafave told the Mitten Tree story again,it about 2 groups of kids,one group who get all the toys and things the need and another group who didn't.they didn't have hats and scarves to go outside so the other group decided to put their hats,boots and mitts on the tree so they needy kids could have them on a tree and let them play.We sang carols before church,thee youth choir sang,then some younger ones did a little play about the first Christmas,Reverend Lafave baptized his Granddaughter Cailyn Brooke,then told the story and then we all put hat,scarves and mitts on it.
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    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    That is so neat! What a idea!

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    How nice. What a good idea!

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    Thats pretty cool. Im not familiar with the Mitten Tree Story though.
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    What a nice thought to put it in church. Ours are at our hospitals, they're already pretty full, even patients take time to knit for the tree, when they are in for a long bit.

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