Oh, Dudley! We've been smitten by you, darling kitten. What a handsome Canadian =^..^= you are. Maine Coons are very special kitties. My baby brother, Felix the Prince is a sweet Maine Coon. Our KatMa dotes on him 'cause he loves to cuddle and kiss.

Your Momma is lucky to have such a splendid feline gracing her life. We hope you become an indoor kitty so you are safe from cars, naughty boys, and other dangers.

Have a splendid day celebrating the honour bestowed upon you -- Cat of the Day. Live long & prosper: loved, cherished and adored. That is our wish to you and to every pet on the blue Planet.

purrs & kittykisses all the way from Montreal, Canada from me, Norman the King and my baby brother, Felix the Prince.

Our KatMa sends gentle caresses and lots of kisses as does our Paw-Paw.