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Thread: is there an average time to start heat cycle?

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    is there an average time to start heat cycle?

    My grandpa does field trials with his dog which means he is intact. He was over for thanksgiving and a couple of days ago Bayley went into heat. I thought this was kind of early. She is just now around 9 month old give or take a week. Is this early or right on time? It was completely unexpected. Our past experiences is its usually past a year before they start. We prefer the dog matures completely with all parts intact and natural hormones flowing, have a cycle then continue with being spayed. (everybody has their own opinions, and this is just one my parents, and I agree with). I'm sure it was caused because he was over but I guess just a little confused.

    Usually she sleeps outside, but she is 100% inside and when she is completely supervised. Also not going on walks since there is multiple handsome men in the neighborhood, until she is out of her cycle. I am just really confused thats all anybody have anything?

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    Nine months old is not uncommon, it varies with each dog, and size and breed also factor in. Just keep an eye on her until this cycle is over, as it sounds like you are already doing. Your grandfather's male being intact likely had nothing to do with it.

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    interesting. Well thank you!

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    My Australian Shepherd came into heat at 8 months. We have a male herding dog in tact & our son has a black lab in tact. When she came into her first heat I took her in & she had her surgery. After the surgery she had a rough three days. They told me to give her some dog food but not much. She could not keep her food down for three days & I gave her pain pills in the evening for three days so she could rest comfortably at night. Her incision opened & the veterinary didn't seemed concerned. Missy licked the incision. An outer stitch or two must of broken. I would never have the surgery done when they are starting a heart cycle again. I never did get to talk to the veterinary either just her assistant. I went in with a gute feeling about the veterinary & the procedure. I wish I would of waited. Missy is fine now & the normal size for an Australian Shepherd female.

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    Sunny is in heat now. She is 10 months old and this is her first heat cycle. We were told to wait 2 months from now to get her spayed.

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    It seems the OP's question has already been answered, but I have a bit to add.

    First off, I completely agree with allowing a dog to mature before altering. I feel that especially true of larger breeds. Though there is no medical reason to allow this (at least not that I know of), I prefer the look of a mature animal, rather than one who has grown tall and rangy as a result of the growth plates closing too late.

    But I will say that sighthounds often do not come into season until later. Many sighthound bitches (especially those of the larger breeds) often go until they are 18 months to 2 years old! But other breeds can be much earlier, and for smaller breeds, 9 months is certainly not unexpected.

    But no, an intact male being around a young bitch does not "push her over the edge." Instead, if there is an older bitch that is in season, sometimes that can push the younger one, but not always...
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