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Thread: Ouch..., I fell hard today

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    Ouch..., I fell hard today

    I fell really hard today . I hit a sharp corner of a table with my shoulder! Luckily my son was home early; we went to the ER, where lots of RX has been taken. Nothing is broken; but because the pain is so intense and unbearable, I have to carry my arm in a bandage for at least 10 days . The ligaments of upper arm are hurt. I hope I will be able to sleep tonight, because the slightest movement hurts enormously....! Lots of tears here....

    so stupid, i missed a small step, and lost my balance.....
    It could have been much worse though; because of my back, I must be very careful to NEVER fall....

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    OH my goodness!! I am so glad you did not break anything. That is scary. Did they give you pain meds? Hopefully they will help you sleep. If not, maybe you should ask for some.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.
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    Oh No Ouchy Ouchy.. So sorry to hear of this Lut.. Take care of yourself.. Rest & take some pain meds..

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    Oh Lut, please take good care of yourself. I hope you heal quickly.
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    Oh, I am so sorry! I am glad nothing was broken but sometimes the pain caused by other problems seems as bad or worse! Hope you feel better quickly!

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    Yowch! I fell pretty hard yesterday doing yard work, thankfully nothing that required a hospital visit, though. Just a bunch of bruises and a scrape for me, and might right arm feels like I was fishing all day yesterday - not exactly painful, but it lets me know I abused it!

    I hope you heal quickly. Is Bernard threatening to wrap you in bubble wrap?

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    Lut, I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope that you'll recover quickly.
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    Ouchh! Sorry to hear you fell so hard, but I glad nothing was broken. I hope you'll recover in time to enjoy Christmas!

    Take care!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz_Zoee View Post
    Did they give you pain meds? Hopefully they will help you sleep. If not, maybe you should ask for some.
    Yes, I got an injection Voltaren; it doesn't help much though . I got a prescription for Brufen; but I am scared to take it, because it is tough on the stomack...! If the pain stays all night, I will contact my doctor in thr morning!

    ps. I was planning to put up all X-mas decorations (the tree too) this evening...

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    I am so sorry you are hurt Please be careful.
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    theres this cream from "just"... I think it´s called juniper n english... it´s from a switzerland lab.... it´s really great to treat those kinda sores... in fact all muscle/ligament pains...even cramps.. LOL....

    by the way you described your fall it sounds like you bruised your muscles/ligaments and they are soooo sore.... just like over working them but worse pain...

    hopefully you´ll get better much sooner... ((genlte hugs))
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    Ouch!! I can definitely empathize with you on missing steps and falling! Me, I normally end up breaking my foot/ankle area, or spraining it really bad. One time I tripped going down the basement stairs and I grabbed onto the railing and bump-bumped halfway down on my right side. I was purple from my butt to my calf for a long time afterward!

    Ask the doctor if you can try the muscle rubs like Isabel suggested. Maybe compresses and those would be better than something rough on your tummy.
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    So sorry to read about your fall, Lut! I hope it heals quickly and you feel fine again very soon.

    Meanwhile, let your feline nurses take expert care of you with help from their human assistants!

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    Gee girl! I hate that happened to you! OUCH! Hope it heals soon and you can find some releif from the pain... DO NOT even try to put up those decorations, no matter what pain relief you find in a bottle, jar or tube! Those decorations are not that important!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phesina View Post
    Meanwhile, let your feline nurses take expert care of you with help from their human assistants!
    it is weird, it looks as if they all know I am suffering!! They all jumped on my lap at least once!!Inka even licked my forehead. my sweeties

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