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Thread: UPDATE/Her dogster page (adopted): A dog in Baltimore needs a home

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    UPDATE/Her dogster page (adopted): A dog in Baltimore needs a home

    I got an email from a very good friend today. She has a huge heart and loves animals. She has 2 dogs. A few weeks ago, she went with her mom to the animal control looking for a lost cat and she saw ***Lucky*** She fell in love with Lucky and Lucky gave her "those eyes" and she set off on a mission to find Lucky a home. We've probably ALL been there; She couldn't take her herself; she would take them ALL if she could but her home is already full. SO...she found a friend to take Lucky (Hooray!) the friend said it isn't working out cause Lucky isn't housebroken too well and her boyfriend is getting mad. So my friend is picking Lucky up tonight but she can't keep her.

    If anyone lives near Baltimore or anywhere between Baltimore and Scranton, my friend and I will do the transport. If you can spread the word too...maybe we can find a furrever home for Lucky. There's nothing better than a PT home!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What kind of dog is Lucky? Male/female? Age? I have a friend who is considering adding a small (very small) dog to her family. I do know that she is having a home check this afternoon by one agency. But I am willing to pass along the info on Lucky if she is a little dog.

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    Thanks Joyce! Lucky may not be the right one for your friend. She is a GSD mix but on the smaller side. 2 years old. I am going to try to get a picture to post here and on dogster. Thanks so much. Tell your friend good luck with her home visit.

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    Here is Lucky. I am pretty sure she has already found a home. A great family from MD contacted me on another website. They have a yellow lab and an aussie mix and were actually looking for a 3rd dog when they saw this post. Just wanted to post her picture anyway and it's always good to share "good" news! I'll update y'all when she's safe and sound in her new home

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    And here she is!!!!!!!

    Meet Lucky-Lucy! Happy in her furrever home!!

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