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Thread: Looseing teeth

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    Looseing teeth

    Is 4 months too early to be looseing teeth? Honey has lost two teeth just today. ???

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    i think that's when smokey started losing his... i thought it was early, too, because i didn't remember how old pork chop was when he started losing them.

    anyway - no worries, lady.

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    I actually don't remember when Lady lost her teeth, but it is fine to lose them at Honey's age. Don't worry.
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    I don't know. I only know that Cookie, my Golden Retriever first started loosing her teeth when she was 6 months old.

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    Four months is the normal age to loose puppy teeth. If you check the dogs bite it should be a little bit of an overbite too! This is also normal. By the time the canine teeth and all the others are in the teeth and mouth line up correctly.

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    Malone is 4.5 months old, and he currently has lost like 8 teeth in all. So I think it's a pretty normal age to start losing teeth. Were you able to save them?? I have only found one so far but am hoping that when he loses the larger sized teeth that I will find those.

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    When you don't know the age of a dog or a cat, the loss of puppy/kitten teeth can help pinpoint that age. Four months is right on target. My vet gave us his best guess on Trevor's age, based on his teeth, since we didn't really know when he was born. He actually selected the day we use as Trevor's birthday and that is the day we celebrate every year!

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    Nebo is exactly 16 weeks now, so that's 4 months old. I've noticed the teeth in the very front on the top and bottom are new ones...well some of them. So I think that's normal. Earlier he had an old tooth and a new tooth in like the same spot...luckily I noticed the old one has fallen out now.

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    Missy started losing teeth at the age of 4 months too... She looks so funny without the 2 front teeth! I was able to collect 5 teeth I feel so lucky! That will go to her pink 'baby' album !!

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