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Thread: Oscar - ridge at back of skull

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    Oscar - ridge at back of skull

    Just the thing to make a meowmie slightly paranoid.

    I was stroking Oscar today, and my hand went over a bony ridge in the middle of the back of his head. I had never noticed it before and Oscar has been here for about 4 years.

    He has a vet appt a bit later this month, so will get that checked. But - are cat's skulls built this way?

    Thanks from a worried meowmie. (Oscar is happy and the same as ever.)

    ETA - did a quick lookup. There is a 'saggital (sp?) ridge'. Maybe he has lost some weight on his diet and I can just feel it now?
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    I know I can feel it really well on Oreo (one of the Shih-Tzu's). I've always worried, but the vet says he's fine.

    Keep us posted on Oscar. In the meantime, give him an extra pet or two from me.


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    Yes, I can feel it on Boo who is sitting on my lap as I type this. As he's gotten older, he's gotten thinner and I think that it's more pronounced now. Keep us posted anyhow, Candace.

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    I noticed the exact same thing with Morgan a few weeks ago. I keep playing with it now. LOL

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    I think the weight loss is exactly why you are feeling it now. (but of course I can't feel what you are feeling )

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    You know, Taz has a boney type bump right on the very top of his head. I wonder if that's the same thing?
    Well, it's good to know others have it and it's nothing to worry about.
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    My Sunny is an Aby mix so he's always been a long thin cat. I've always noticed this on him but I never really thought much about it. I can even feel his microchip which scared me at first because I thought it was some kind of a lump.
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    All my guys have a bit of extra padding except for Oliver and he does have a bit of ridge.

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