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    just joined

    hi.... i found this forum throught a gadget i put on my igoogle pic of the day. i recently just got a new computer and internet again so im hoping to make friends here.....i have 9 cats ranging in age from 15 years to 4 months, smokey baby, bud,spike,binky,bobby,scooby,munch and hawk and 5 dogs......3 chi mixes jack, honey and panda,a border collie-chow jasta, and english setter jack russel mix patches we call patty who i got from my friend and neighbor when we had to move to prevent them from going to the humane society....she couldnt find a place that allowed dogs in her area . i have a small house now so its been interesting coming up with ideas to give them their own spaces. they are worth it because they give so much happiness to my life. take care all......... shar

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    Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy all the talks & pics..

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

    [[ Furr Babies are Like Potato Chips **** No One Can Have Just One ]]
    ****** Kindness, Mercy & Justice to All Living Creatures ******
    {{{{{Everyday is a Gift = That's why it's Called the Present }}}}}
    ((( Each Day With Our Pets is a Surprise Package Waiting to be Opened )))
    <Sunsets are God's Reminder to Us That At The End of the Day We're All In This Together>

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, Shar. I'm David p and I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I currently have one nutty tortie named Marigold who allows me to be in the house with her. I see you have quite a collection of pets and I think you'll fit in here very well. Watch out now, Pet Talk can be addicting!

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I'm so glad you found us. With a full house such as you have, you will fit right in on here LOL.

    I'm Sandie. I live in RI, with my 4 bichons and 11 cats. Hope to see you around the boards!

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