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Thread: More Filou worries- 1/28 good update post 128

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    More Filou worries- 1/28 good update post 128

    I came home from a fair two days ago and thought Filou was sleeping more than usual. Not having seen him for a week I also noticed that he had lost weight- he is now thin enough that you can see every ounce Siegmar reported he didn't had much appetite.
    He went for his fluids and the vet was worried as well. He is now diagnosed with kidney failure for two and a half year- we just don't know how long he will make it
    But he seemed ok- he ate a little, peed (and I should have noticed that it was not much) and cuddled on his own scarce terms.
    I was even more worried yesterday because he didn't get up when Tigris got some treats before I went to bed- he usually doesn't miss that date. After some time he came upstairs, went straight to the laundry basket in the bathroom and peed blood on a pink cashmere cardigan. So the poor boy has an UTI. We got him to the vet again this morning and she and us are very relieved that it is an UTI only. He's getting antibiotic shots (she thinks his stomach will not be ook with pills) and something against the pain and I hope he's better soon. Regarding that it is an UTI I think he was incredible brave.
    I love my boy so much.......
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    Dear Filou, I pray that you feel better VERY soon.

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    Poor Filou. I hope that the antibiotics help him quickly and his appetite picks up.
    Please eat as much as you can Filou. We all worry about you.

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    Poor Filou - that hurts!

    I pray the meds will do the job and he feels MUCH better soon! You'll know it when your snuggly boy comes back!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Oh poor boy Filou. That's an ouch for sure and scary for Mom. Hopefully, the meds will kick in immediately and he'll be feeling chipper in no time. Prayers coming from Ohio.....

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Lots of get well wishes coming your way, from all the campers in Vermont.....

    Lots of love and furry kisses......

    And don't scare yur purrents like that, ever again!

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    Poor baby. I hope that he'll feel better soon. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are being sent his way.
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    Dear little Filou, I hope that the medicine makes you feel better very soon so that you quickly regain your appetite. Get lots of rest, and cuddle your parents--it will make you all feel better!

    Barbara, I will be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts for Filou.

    Take care,
    Oreo and Molly

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    Poor Filou, I hope he feels better really soon. Give him a kiss on the noggin for me, okay?

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    Filou feels a little bit better but it is still difficult to get food in him. Yesterday evening he had half an egg yolk. He pees- but not the normal amount. I noticed that he limps a little on his left back paw- no idea where this comes from.
    He's off with his dad to see vet Trude again- he needs another antibiotic shot.

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    <checks Map> <picks up Purrayer Line> <dials God>

    Herrow, Heaven??

    Hi - Earth callin ... we need God's 'Munich Division', Please.

    Oh, HI God!

    Is Munich in your Territory?
    Oh Good ... here goes then:

    We gotz a lil German Buddie - Kat named Filou - old buddie of our Mr. Boots ...
    Havin da same problems as Mr. Boots - inna 'waste wadder' department.
    He gotz wunna doze 'fekshuns ... needs sum Help shakin it out.
    We figger dat's rite up Your sleeve ... so kan Ya *wave* Your wand an
    help Filou to start Feelin Better?

    An a kupple {{{God'sHugs}}} fur Mom an Dad wuld be nice, too.

    THANKS, God!!
    /s/ the Purrayer Pups (Kat Division)

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    Poor boy. I hope Filou feels better soon. All our best thoughts to Filou, meowmie and daddy. If sending tons of kisses to your precious boy can help, they are sent!

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    Filou, prayers coming your way from all the Clan.....
    Nine is Fine!!

  14. Oh Filou! Please be a good boy -- take your medicine and eat! even if you do not feel like it.

    Food is important!
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    How I hope he is feeling much better and soon. We worry so about the babies we love so much.

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