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Thread: Large breed halloween costume idea's

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    Large breed halloween costume idea's

    Me and hunter were invited to go to a pet halloween event tomorrow at the local doggie daycare training thing and i was wondering if anyone has any idea's of how i can kinda dress him up just a lil bit

    Does petco have a costume or those collars like they have at christmas time for halloween (yes i will post pic's when i come back too..)

    hunter does not like anything on his feet so anything on his feet is a no go

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    Hmm, add one large bowtie and some white cuffs around his ankles - there ya go, he can be a businessman or a groom! Add a little plastic barrel to his color and tell people he's dressed as a Saint Bernard ... Or sprinkle some white flour over him and say "he's the Abominable Snowdog!"

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    A few years back our Doggy daycare had a "prom" I got Spot a bowtie at a local costume shop.

    Sometimes human clothes can be adapted for the dogs, and if you find things on sale or clearance it can be cheaper too! I have used chidlren's clothes that I purchased cheap at Target...shirts (football jersey's) or for the girls, dance skirts. Boxer shorts can be used, if you use the hole for the tail...

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    well i got him a lil tshirt that says who needs to be scared on halloween my sister is scary enough.. or something like that petco had NOTHING

    i could not even find a bandanna at wally world or target .. Oy i will post pic's tomorrow night..

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