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  1. Joel Silvermanfrom Animal Planet's "GOOD DOG U"

    Hi there... This is really Joel Silverman from ANIMAL PLANET. I have decided to reach out to a few different forums and help people with training issues they might have with their dog. So I am here to answer (as briefly as I can) training questions you might have. I am checking back here a few times a day. By the way, I respect a variety of training techniques (some that I may not use) and have learned that there is more than one way to train a dog.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I just launched an awesome website, but it has a huge database for finding rescues and humane societies too. If you would like your group included just go to my website. When you are there, you will see that there is a wealth of free dog training info and video clips. The entire site is free.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! I don't have a dog with a problem at the moment, but feel free to read through some of the previous posts and see if you'd have different suggestions for some of the problems.

    What kind of dog do you have?

    What's the most common problem you've encountered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoelSilverman View Post

    Hi there ... This is really Joel Silverman from ANIMAL PLANET.

    ... just go to my website.
    Posting the Address would be helpful!

    "Companions For Life . net" >>>

    'Foster' and Joel

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    Welcome to PT Joel.. Yes I watch Animal Planet alot.. Ok your first question is I have two dogs Lili which I nickname Diggerett && Nickolia Honey Boy which I nickname Digger.. Their nicknames come from they digg non stop.. It does not matter if its summer or winter.. It does not matter how many toys they have to play with.. Help Advise Please..

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  5. I think some of the text got cut off. What is the problem?

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    Mr. Silverman, one of my co-workers is looking for a behaviorist to help with some problems with their recently adopted American Eskimo Dog. They adopted him a little less than four months ago and some of their concerns are: his barking, his growling, his sudden loss of hearing when he escapes out the front door (last one said tongue in cheek). I have an Eskie myself and have made some suggestions about the barking, which does not seem to be working to their satisfaction. As for the growling, Mason will give a low growl when meeting someone new, he doesn't snap he just growls, but he doesn't stop growling after a few minutes. He will allow visitors to pet him, but continues to growl, he will even growl when getting belly rubs. I think they are concerned that the behavior means that he is uncomfortable, and are afraid that although he has not shown any aggression toward people they have invited in and introduced as friends he may in the future. Any suggestions for them?

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    And another one. I have a recently adopted chihuahua (again about 4 months ago). He is eight years old, and a very good boy. Outside he is very prey driven, not a huge problem, because my Eskie also is, so I am used to it. But, if Taz cannot get to whatever has caught his attention (most of the time it is a cat) he will "attack" any animal that is near him (my Eskie or one of the other dogs we are walking with). How do I make him stop doing this? We are in behavior classes now to work on better socialization skills and focusing on me, there has been some improvement, but to be honest not that much.

  8. Let's do one at a time. The American Eskimo.. The growling.. It is really hard for me to make any statement about something that can be aggression without seeing the dog. It really would not be right for you, and inappropriate for me.

    Having said that, I would contact a breeder and see if this is something this breed does. I would also spend a few dollars, and bring a trainer to your house that deals with aggression. If it is aggression, you want to catch it early. I wish I could help you more, but I cannot say much without seeing the dog.

  9. With the Chihuahua, I think you are on the right track with what you are doing. Constant exposure is good! Just let him be around many things,, even from a long distance.

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