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Thread: Pet Watch!! "Survailliance"

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    Pet Watch!! "Survailliance"

    Hey guys,

    Here is the latest product our leading company has made. I thought there was a great way our company could benefit the pet world, so I pushed this idea & we have gotten great feedback!

    This Camera would be good to monitor a Preg. animal, new born animals, animals at the vet, rescued animals, a sick pet, pets playing in the yard/other room, crated animals, farm animals, barns, & so much more!

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Watch Your Pet From Anywhere Anytime!

    This network camera is truly one-of-a-kind with Easy Connect features and high-quality video streaming locally, remotely or on compatible mobile 3G devices.

    No networking knowledge required.

    The LNE3003 Network camera was designed to be different from other network cameras that currently exist in the market. The camera combines rich features and reliability that qualify it as a professional-grade camera with the simplicity of installation and use.

    * Do you miss your pet while you’re away?
    * Do you want to see him/her anywhere anytime?
    * Do not leave your pet unattended.

    Simply connect, see, hear and protect what matters.

    With this camera you will be able to connect from anywhere anytime due to support of wide range browsers type (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome) and 3G Mobile devices (e.g.: iPhone™).

    Integrated Yoics™ easy remote connection feature makes it easy and fun. You can use your MAC or PC to view the image. The 10x digital zoom and audio features will give you the feel of being close to your pets while you’re away.

    It really is that easy!

    For more Information:
    Visit our Website at
    Contact Customer Service at 1-888-42-LOREX
    Email Customer Service at [email protected]
    or PM me.
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    Sorry the link was down all weekend. The webhost that page was on crashed & took that company a while to get back up & running.

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    Hey, glad it works - now it is much more interesting! Looks like a cool product, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Hey, glad it works - now it is much more interesting! Looks like a cool product, too.
    It was designed because many USA (its starting in Canada too) internet providers block port forwarding & refuse to support their clients, so its a huge struggle to get our customers set up.. with the LNE there is no port forwarding needed, its direct So you can see your pet anywhere there is a net connection.

    There is also the LW2002W & it can be 100% portable.. its a baby monitor like system with an LCD screen! Thats my all time fav product to play with.. its even great for spying on co-workers heheh

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    Here is what the recorded video looks like

    My boss was very nice & lent me this camera so I could monitor Digi when she was very ill 2 weeks ago.

    You all know Digi is my world so when she fell ill & when that stupid ER Vet told me she was going to die I was freaking out pretty bad. Once I was told she would live & be ok, I was still worried sick about her. I watched her all day long for the first couple of days I had the camera as those were the unknown times. A huge weight was lifted off my chest while I watched her sleeping in her kennel. I was even able to see her chest move when shes breathing.

    My dad (digi's grandpa as he calls himself) was even watching her from his house 2000km away!!! He said it was great on his side & he was thrilled to check in on Digi to see if she was ok.

    Just so everyone knows, Digi is ok now. She has an Extreamly Sensitive Digestive System & can no longer tollerate her allergies.. but it is managable & she can & WILL live a fullfilling life

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