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Thread: This makes me happy :D

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    This makes me happy :D

    I just got this email. I've donated many gift certificates to organizations, but nobody ever lets me know how much money it raised! I'm glad somebody remembered to tell me this time!!! lol

    Hi Amy
    We had our fund raiser over the weekend and we raised $125 with the raffle we
    did withyour pet portrait as the prize! thank you so much! it was wonderful
    and everyone loved the schnauzer picture on your certificate. (info about the winners address) several other folks did write down your web
    address in case they didnt win, as they planned to contact you about a
    thanks for helping rescue!
    Davida Cohen
    Fuzzy Paws Shih Tzu Rescue Midwest

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    Wow, that's great! $125 is a nice amount of money going to a good cause! Good job Amy and congrats!

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    Great Job, Amy!! It's nice of that Rescue goup to let you know how much your gift certificate raised!

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