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Thread: Cat peeing on dryer. A not uncommon problem?

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    Cat peeing on dryer. A not uncommon problem?

    Today I replaced my 18 year old dryer because I was dumb enough to flick the circuit breaker when the dryer wouldn't start. Poof! Sparks and smoke. I blew up my dryer. Someone had been peeing on the dryer and I would clean it up with a vinegar/water solution spray followed by Nature's Miracle, Stink Free or Dumb Cat (which of course did not stop the problem). This time I must have gone too far, or there was just too much urine and the dryer figured out not to start because it got wet. Duh.

    Anyway. When I told the delivery person why I was replacing the dryer he said, "Oh, yeah. We've had that before." Hmmmm. Has anyone else ever heard of or had this problem? Looking at the back of the dyer, there was one long rust strip, which makes me think "someone" would sit on the control panel and pee over the side, and maybe sometime to the front.

    My plan with the new dryer is that if it happens even once, I'll cover it with plastic and cover the plastic with a blanket when not in use. I'm hoping that the new dryer will have absolutely no urine smell and a new smell altogether, breaking the chain of behavior. (yeah, right...I'm really going to outsmart a cat!)

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    YUP!!! been there done that!!!
    Our solution was to ban all cats from the basement. This is fine with me as I work on my models down there. I have rebuilt several models multiple times because of CAT inspections.
    Now no more pee on the washer or dryer and my customers get thier models on time.
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    Mine like the washer. However it could be because there is a dish of cat food on the dryer

    'Someone' stands on the washer and aims over the control panel, onto the shelf behind the washer & dryer. They are in my kitchen so I'm often greeted with a cleanup chore first thing in the morning.

    Mine have 'killed' a small TV and used to annoint my toothbrush. Thankfully that has stopped.

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    O WOW!!! Had that problem but never blew up the dryer!!! Cats sure keep us on our toes!
    Nine is Fine!!

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    Mine definitely have a thing for electrical products.

    Washer and dryer in basement (now banished from basement).

    Microwave (replaced one)

    Toaster oven (replaced one, threw out 2nd).

    I did elevate my new microwave and put a magnetic strip over the vents that the cats used to pee into. Now I take the magnetic strip off when I go to use the microwave. They're the strips that you can put over heating elements to keep it warm/cool or whatever during the year.

    Oh yeah, they pee in my heating elements on the floor in the kitchen too. The magnetic strips worked for a bit, but then it was just gross cause the pee would collect all around the edges. Blech.
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    Wow! Thanks for the replies. There is some comfort in knowing that I'm not alone. I'm going to keep a close watch on the new dryer and prepare for having to cover it. I figure plastic, covered by a blanket should do it. It can't be just plastic, cause I know they like to pee on plastic. I can wash the blanket and replace the plastic and the urine won't penetrate the plastic. Too bad I can't ban them from the basement because that's where their actual litter boxes are. Hmmmm....wonder what is so attractive about electrical.

    In the silver lining department. A new dryer has got to be more energy efficient than the 18 year old.
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    Update department: Well, the new dryer has been christened. Yesterday morning I found a nice little puddle of pee.
    I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, but I was sooooo hoping.

    With just one puddle to go on (pun!), it may not be too bad to just give in and clean up and less chance that the moisture can get at the controls. This dryer top actually curves up a bit at the back (kind of like a lip) before it meets the control panel, unlike the old one flat top with the control panel just coming down to meet the flat top which just allowed the liquid to seep under the crack and to all the electrical goodies.

    I'll see how it goes before I have to go to the cover up when not in use.

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