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Thread: RCMP in B.C. search for suspect after four-month-old puppy fatally shot UPDATE #10

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    I got to meet Leo today. Oh my goodness, is he ever a little munchkin! Nick came into where I work with the puppy so I could meet him. I was so surprised but very glad to meet the new fellow. I talked with him for a bit and he is still so upset. He made a very good point. He said the news got their 'feel good story' but after all those interviews he's done, he goes home and is alone and feeling afraid with the father of this guy living so nearby. He just doesn't trust him and I don't blame him. He told me that when Cody went home and told his dad that he had shot the dog that his dad, Ernie dragged 'Ebay', Cody's Jack Russell, over to Nick's house and said "here, take my son's mutt!" and then went over to Seymour and picked him up by the tail!!! Unbeliveable.
    Nick said that the other guy that was with Cody is believed to be Cody's cousin from New Zealand. They think that this guy has already hopped a plane back home.
    While we were talking, another guy came in and started to talk with Nick and they were both wishing this family would just leave the island so everyone could feel safe.
    I was very glad to meet Leo, what a sweetie pie but I sure feel badly for Nick. He looked so down. Just going to take some time I guess.
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