We need some prayers for ET. Over the last few weeks she has lost her appetite and is not drinking as much as she should. Because of this she has lost weight. Three weeks ago I took her to our regular vet group (I have used for 30 years) I was not happy with the visit. The blood work came back negative; the only thing that was found was ear mites. One of my neighbors (they work for a groomer) recommended a vet group. I was very impressed. More blood work and they found crystals in her urine. She is at the main office for today for X-rays. I just hope that they can pin down the problem.
Just so that people know here in Jersey the first visit was $ 374.00 the next was $ 342.00 and the x-rays are $ 145.00 if she has to be sedated then we are looking at $ 315.00.
So I donít know who is more stressed ET or I. WE are just keeping our fingers crossed that nothing major is wrong.