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Thread: Wanted: mini labradoodle or goldendoodle puppy

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    Wanted: mini labradoodle or goldendoodle puppy

    My husband and I have recently semi-retired so we have lots of time to train and care for a dog. We live on a sailboat part of the time, so we need a puppy that will grow to be a smaller dog, about a 15-25 pound adult. My sister has a standard poodle now and we had a golden retriever (she passed away about a year ago). We are very fond of both breeds.
    I can't afford to spend $2000 for a puppy, but I don't need a show or breeder dog. If you have any leads or suggestions, please let me know. We live near Tampa FL.

    Thanks. Linda

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    then click ANMAL SHELTERS, you can search by state, to locate rescues in your area.

    you can also simply search for dogs by using your zip code.


    ADOPT and save a life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindagilbertwolf View Post
    so we need a puppy that will grow to be a smaller dog, about a 15-25 pound adult.
    I just have two concerns with this part - firstly, when you take on a mix-breed puppy, you can never be entirely sure how big it is going to get. Whilst the golden retriever, labrador and standard poodle aren't giant breeds, nevertheless there will be great variation in size amongst the puppies which won't become apparent immediately.

    Also, a puppy on a sailboat sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    I would check out your local shelters, somewhere is bound to have the type of dog you are looking for. And as jenluckenbach said, it's always better to save a life!

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Why not just get a 100% poodle! Of course the folks here know that I am a bit biased when it comes to poodles. I have a Standard who weighs in at 50-55 lbs. and, having had a golden, you know they are even larger. Allow me to suggest a miniature poodle. They are on the low end of the scale that you are looking for. My Ripley, a miniature, weighs 14 lbs. and my former miniature was 18-20 lbs. I, too, would suggest taking a look at shelters first. All of my previous poodles came from breeders and Ripley is my first rescue but he will definitely not be my last. Good luck on your search!

    There are lots of cuties here:

    This little cutie is already housebroken. That would make life a lot easier than tryinig to train a puppy on a boat.

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    Check petfinder, shelters and rescue groups.

    DON'T BUY!!

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    I echo the others, stop by your local shelter and see all the dogs there that are in need of homes!
    You might even find a Golden/Poodle mix. I say that because there is no such breed as a Goldendoodle. That's just a fancy name given to a mutt in order to sell it for hundreds of dollars!!

    I wish you luck in your search!
    Rescue doggies are the BEST!

    It's rewarding knowing you saved a dogs life!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
    **Don't breed or buy while shelter dogs die!**

    I suffer from multiple Shepherd syndrome

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    I have 2 dogs that came from shelters and 2 that I found injured and could never find the owners.

    I have always had dogs but I now only get dogs from shelters with the exceptions of the ones that I find hungry and injured.

    I have when I was younger gone out looking for breed specific dogs or specific mixes. When I would do these searches I would run across dogs that where not what I was looking for but ended up wanting more than my original search.

    The dogs that made me the happiest where the ones that I was not looking for.

    I know this does not answer your quest for a poodle mix but I would ask for you to go to a couple of shelters and look around. You might run into a dog you would like even more.

    None of my shelter dogs have ever been a mistake.

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    kyleharlan1 Guest

    Looking to buy Goldendoodle puppies

    The missus has been pondering upon this for a while so and im at my wits here goes

    1. what is the market price for a Goldendoodle puppies ?

    2. which reputable breeders/ kennels are there in Shanghai?

    many thanks in advance!

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    Gosh, Kyle - I am not familiar with Shanghai's breeders or prices. I would check with - first to see if they have any puppies right now that might fit your wishes, and also they might know resources for good breeders!
    I've Been Frosted

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