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Thread: If I do write a book ...

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    If I do write a book ...

    I am going to begin with this:

    Quote Originally Posted by AshliAndSue View Post
    To Tara..

    Theres so much i could say about you, you never hurt anyone, your nature was so beautiful, the way we could yell at you when you pulled the bins out and you would still come licking our faces 30seconds after, the way you listened to us, and showed us so much love, i can remember the first time you came to us, we had just lost Rex, our over german shephard, who had died suddenly from old age, i was only young, so when mum told me rex had sent you and asked us to take care of you, i thanked rex so much for our gift, i can actually remember, mum had bought a tennis ball and we were playing it with you, you were so tiny and full of life, you were so lovely tara, theres no words to discribe you, you showed love at every chance, yep you were a pain sometimes, lol, like when we moved from newcastle to derby and you slavvered all over the car when we drove down lol, and when we first moved into the house you walked to the middle of the room and pee'd, and we couldnt eat tuna much because you loved it so much you would rip the tins out of the bins and cut all your mouth!, looking back the memories bring a smile to my face, i remember the time you jumped on the dining table and pooped!!! and then pulled a plant pot over to cover it! oh my god!!!! then there was the time we brought savage home, and you were dying to meet him, he was only a pup, and you guided him so much, you tought him right from wrong and mothered him, then we moved home again, and you slept in the kitchen, and one morning we woke up and there was blood all over! we thought you cut your tounge on a tuna tin, but then we realised there was way to much blood on the floor for that, so we got you checked at the vets, it turned out you were pregnant, but sadly your puppies had died inside you, so you went in for op to remove your whom and baby, when you came home you were so exhausted, but you still licked us all showing us love, gradually as the years went by you still showed us so much endless love, and girl i really did love you, you got old, and your walking wasnt so good, we got worried about you, but you still seemed ok and happy, you still came to us and licked us, and when you got into the house you still went to the bins, 10 happy years with you flew by, with nothing but love, until the 9th of june 08, you began coughing, we got worried and figured it was just a cough, you seemed ok, on the 10th, you callapsed and i got scared, i ran to you and cried with you, you couldnt move until 3-4minutes after, i fell asleep next to you, lying on your fur, still crying, mum rang the vet, and the vet said it could be the hot weather, but we kept a close eye on you, the following 2 days you seemed ok, but still had the cough, until 2am on friday 13th of june, me and your sister jade heard you coughinh badly, we came downstairs, and outside were you were and lay you on jades quilt, you struggled to breathe, and wheezed and coughed, i cried hugging you, i knew there was something seriously wrong, you kept trying to hide from us, struggling and trying as hard as you can to get away from us, you never did that tara, we knew this wasnt right, we could hardly walk, as soon as you did we could see your heart beating out of your chest, and your difficulty breathing and coughing, i stayed awake all night, worried, mum and dad woke up, and came outside to you and you were shaken so much, mum got upset and rang the vet, the vet told mummy you needed to come see her and warned mum this could be it, i spent as much time with you as i could, i knew it was going to be it tara, i knew these last hours would be our last, i told you i loved you so many times, i hope you understood me, because i really do love you so much, our appointment was at 4.30. at 3.55 you callapsed again, you couldnt move, daddy ran to you and started to cry, i never seen him cry before, the look in your eyes when you couldnt move, i knew you had given up on life, on the way to the vets you cried and cried, i kissed and hugged you and tried to hold back my tears, i was strong until we got into the vets, as soon as we did, you callapsed to the floor again, my emotions broke out, the reception when into the vets room, and seconds after the vet came in, you went into that room, looking out the window, wagging your tail at the vet, you were so gentle tara, the vet had a look at you, and told us you had an enlarged heart, and it couldnt be fixed, we were giving to alternatives, to take you home, were you could die at anytime, and you could be on your own, and suffer for longer and die in pain, or be put to sleep, with your family around you and die with dignity, we chose to be with you, it killed me tara, daddy lay you on the table, and i think you new, the needle went in, i kissed you one last time on your house as your eyes drifted off, and stroked you, letting you go was so hard, but i knew it was best for you, to end your suffering, i hope your enjoying rainbow bridge baby, and looking down on us, i seen your face in the clouds the over day, i no your watching over us

    rest in peace my sweet angel

    27th oct 1997 - 13th of june 2008

    See you soon on that special day xxxx

    How can you read this and not nearly die from bawling your eyeballs out?

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    You are correct, I could not read it without bawling. That's why I'm not reading it again (since I'm at work). It was a beautifully written tribute to a well loved companion.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Very Very Nice & Touching Tribute.. Very Well Stated..

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

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