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    Hi Jazzy - it sounds like you are the kind of dog that other dogs should look up to. Your work helping children is truly great and we need more dogs like you to show people that dogs are wonderful, useful, caring and loving. 5 miles a day sounds like a huge amount, but I bet that you enjoy keeping fit with your mum, who must love you very much to submit you to DOTD - congratulations sweet Jazzy!
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    Jazzy, that is so cool that you let kids read to you. I can't see my Aussie sitting still for that. She'd just want to play with all the kids.
    You are so beautiful, and congrats on being DOTD today!!
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    Hi, adorable Jazzy! I love the pictures of you, especially the second one, you look like you`re concentrating hard on something. You sound like such an absolute sweetheart, working as a service dog and at the elementary schools. Those children must love reading to you, and your sweet face must make them feel more comfortable reading! It was wonderful to "meet" you today, darling Jazzy! Hope you have a fantastic day!
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    Hi, Jazzy! You are a real allstar of a girl! And you're a pretty girl, too. It's great how you go to school and let the kids read to you. Bet they read you some fun stories. You seem like a lot of fun and very smart, too. Enjoy your special day with your family. Congrats on DOTD to a well-deserved girl!

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    Hi Beautiful Jazzy !!!

    Be still our hearts !!! We are so excited to see an Aussie for our DOTD today. A tri-black Aussie at that. We are the proud Aunts of two tri-black Aussies that live pretty close to us. Their names are Pistol and Durango and they would love to meet you, beautiful girl. Your story warmed our hearts because we also know what wonderful doggies you are. We can really relate. It's wonderful that you go to the school and help the children. We can imagine the happy faces when they see you. Please tell Mom to give you a million kisses today from us here in Florida. Congrats to you on your big day. We hope the family honors you by celebrating big time. Happiness always!!!!! We're so happy to meet you and we would love it if Mom would join Pet Talk. All of us here would love to get to know you better!! We Aussies!!!

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    Congratulations to you beautiful, smiling Jazzy, DOG OF THE DAY! Oh, what gorgeous, gorgeous photos! You truly are a beauty sweetheart, in looks and in heart and spirit! A million blessings and heartfelt thanks to you for all that you do to help those youngsters in need. It's amazing how those who might otherwise shut out the world and turn away from social interaction, open up their minds and hearts and imaginations in the presence of the unconditional, non judgemental love and companionship that is canine! You are truly amazing Jazzy, and your Mommy rightfully proud of her bright, beautiful, talented and dedicated best friend! Keep up the good work dear Jazzy, being the BEST DOG EVER! Congratulations and lots of love, warm hugs and kisses to you on your well earned day of honor...Hope you and your family are enjoying a very happy day of celebration!

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    Jazzy is gorgeous! What a sweet therapy dog!

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    Hello Jazzy,

    What a beautiful pup you are Jazzy. You are a wonderful representative
    of your breed. Loving & talented and a great friend as well. Big congrats
    on being our honored DOG OF THE DAY. Sending you hugs & kisses sweet
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    Jazzy, I bet the kids love to read to you! How beautiful you are! Happy Dog of the Day!
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