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Thread: Rabbits?

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    I was just wondering...

    If dogs become familiar with other animals like they do humans? I mean I know they do with cats and stuff,

    but rabbits?

    On thursday night my parents went out to dinner, only to return home to a dead rabbit in the house. I was surprised to find out that Grace and Lucy did this, considering that Grace is timid around small animals, and Lucy really isn't smart enough to catch them. This surprises me, especially with Grace, because we have an un neutered male rabbit who ventures around outside all the time, and she steers clear of him. Lucy, on the other hand harasses him and chases him around the year for hours, but I guess that's expected of her being a shepherd. I just can't understand why they killed this wild rabbit, but they wont touch Ed(our rabbit).

    So, are they just accustomed to our rabbit, or did they think of this other rabbit as an intruder?

    any opinions or anything is great. I'm just worried about Ed noe :/
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    Rabbits are a prey species. I'd just not let your bunny around them unsupervised, but they seem not to recognize him as prey, which is a good thing.
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