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Thread: Human Agility Course - cool video!

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    Human Agility Course - cool video!

    I think this is so clever! And the 4 friends are super, for spending time to get their moves down.

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    Haha...that video is really funny...

    Youtube is full of ridiculous, clever videos like this. Good ole Youtube...

    Is it wrong of me to point out all 5 of those girls appear to be major babes?

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    Here's a link to a 'related video.'

    I thought the idea was kinda funny and clever..."human agility"

    But they picked one of the worst Goldfinger songs ever!!

    How is every person in the world today a professional Youtube filmmaker?

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    WOW!! I doubt any of my friends love me enough to do stuff like THAT... but it's neat what you can do if you lack the money to buy the proper equipment and have a couple of bored/willing friends!


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    Very cool.
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