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Thread: I'm trying to come back!

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    I'm trying to come back!

    Hi everyone...
    If we all had the time in the world to spend on PT it would make things so much easier!
    I wanted to re-introduce myself as many other people have here also.
    I am a veterinary nurse and researcher for a veterinary products development company (although I do miss working in general practice). We haven't released any products yet so I can't say what we are working on, but it will be going global and you will eventually be able to buy our products in your pet store. Part of my job is to check on animal news happening around the globe and I often visit a number of websites related to animals, which is great! But it is also somewhat difficult as it can be hard to determine between business and leisure when it comes to having animals as my number 1 passion.
    Other than that, I signed on to PT quite a number of years ago, left for a few years and then got a reminder email on my birthday this year about the site, so I've been back periodically since then.
    I currently care for 2 cats (1 new kitten) and 7 goldfish, but have previously owned 4 lop rabbits and 2 budgies. I also work casually for a pet-sitting & feeding service (see my signature) that has started up in Wellington and Christchurch, NZ.
    I live in a rental property 15 minutes' walk away from my work with my partner of 8 years and I'm looking forward to the southern hemisphere summer.
    Hi to all newcomers to PT - it's a great bunch of people here
    I look forward to contributing a bit more regularly!
    Watch out over the coming months for my brand new website: - currently being constructed (nothing there ATM!) - will update when I can

    Heavenly Pet Care

    Don't make someone else pick up your litter - have your cats/dogs/rabbits desexed!!!

    Yay! I've been boo'd!

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    Welcome back!
    I've Been Frosted

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    Welcome back to PT.
    I hope you are able to find time to post more, we would love to have you!

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    Your job sounds very interesting, anxious to read some of your posts and findings.

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    to Pet Talk!!

    My name is Lut (=Maya & Inka's Mommy), and I am owned by the 4 cats in my siggie . I am from Belgium

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    Aotearoa- New Zealand -Kia Ora, Tena Koutou,Haere Mai From the Land of the long white cloud.
    Hey there, glad to see you making yourself known again on PT, i get a bit lonely being the only NZer here, although i am very comfortable amongst my lovely PT friends from all over the world.

    I am certain you can make a really worthwhile contribution here, with your experiences and research, here is one for you, my friends here talk about pill pockets, which make it easy to pill your pet, any idea if we have them here yet and can get them and what they are exactly?

    Gotta keep you on your toes he he.

    Anyhow just saying WELCOME BACK and hope you post more often, you have alot of catching up to do. lol.
    Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge,Zara,Rusty, Juliette ,Romeo,sweet Tessa,wee stray and Harvey you all will never be forgotten.

    Furangels only lent.
    RIP my gorgeous Sooti, taken from us far too young, we miss your beautiful face and purssonality,take care of Ash for us, love you xx000

    RIP my beautiful Ash,your pawprints are forever in my heart, love and miss you so much my big boy. (very special thanks to Alysser for my cute siggy)

    RIP my sweet gorgeous girl Ellie-Mae, a little battler to the end, you will never ever be forgotten, your little soul is forever in my heart, my thoughts, my memories, my love for you will never die, Love you my darling little precious girl.

    RIP lil Benson the Hedgehog, came in to our lives suddenly and for a short time ,but you were loved and cared for and missed.

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