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    What are your favourite

    animal web sites - places you go to find information about pets and animals, to interact and be entertained (apart from PotD of course!)? For example, I came across the website which I think is amazing-ly well constructed and highly engaging, and I like the practical information gives also.

    What are some of your favourites and why?
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    The dog site I visit the most has to be this one

    For dog food I go to

    And here is a website with a list of dog movies --

    Sometimes I go to Cesar Millan's website 'cause I like reading profiles of his pack members. Here a link --

    I always check dogs that are available at a local animal rescue where I got one of my dogs, which is called Last Chance Rescue --

    Here is a helpful dog breed FAQ website --

    And lastly, I visit my friend's website where she creates original Doberman Pinscher cartoon strips called "Dobertoons." Great site for Doberman lovers --

    There are probably a few more that I can think of at the moment.

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    My favorite site for dog items is the Bichon Information Station. Even though it is a bichon site, the info and essays apply to ALL dogs.

    I like the Food Comparison charts on:

    As I use this food for both the cats and the dogs, I often refer back to it:

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