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Thread: BC vs. Aussie

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    BC vs. Aussie

    Okay, call me stupid, but I can NOT tell the difference between a non b/w Border Collie and an aussie with a tail.

    Are the differences extremely subtle or something? Enlighten me!

    ETA: I'm talking mainly non-conformation dogs, too. Working non b/w border collies and working aussies with tails look the same to me!

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    I usually focus on nose/muzzle and shape of the body. I've noticed that the majority of Aussies are a bit thicker built, and their muzzles tend to be a bit broader and more oval shaped.

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    We dont have 'real' working Aussies here, they are all from showie lines. So it is easy to tell them apart, although some of the showie BCs look like Aussies.

    It is hard to tell the difference in canadian/ USA working Aussies and BCs (Blue merls, tri's etc) not so much the black and whites.
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    ears are a big indicator, totally flopped ears are almost always Aussie, while its possable for a BBC to have flopped ears they are much more likley to be at least partially pricked.

    anouther is the pants, the fur of an Aussies pants tend to stick out, where as a BCs is always straight down.

    head shape can sometimes be an indicator, Aussies are "usually" a bit blockier with shorter muzzles, but thats not always the case.

    size..Aussies are upright workers bred for cattle, this makes them a bit heavier..more substance. BCs "usually" have lighter builds.

    the way they move, again an Aussie is an upright worker, they move standing tall, and tend to circle. BCs have a habit of slinking, and they dont usually circle, rather they are prone to "run out ahead..stop..turn to face you"

    and sometimes putting the dogs are stock are the only way to tell lol
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    Ok, here are two pictures to use as comparison. Honestly, I wasn't sure what the difference was either.
    But here is Ice (husky_1's BC, posted w/ permission):

    And here is Zoee (my Aussie):

    I can see the difference in the shape of the snout, Zoee's is more blocky while Ice's is more sleek. And the ears, as someone else stated. Ice's are up on the head more while Zoee's are lower and floppier.
    I'm not sure how Ice's coat is, but Zoee's is very soft from her head to about mid back. Then it gets rougher and is very think and rough around the rear. When she gets wet her hair looks like little zig-zags.

    Either way, I think both breeds are beautiful, especially these merles!
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    since ice was neutered her coat seems to of gone kind oc curly on her chest & has a real thick coat, when she gets wet her fur looks crinkly like zig zags too. A lady i work with has a aussie with a long tail that works on her farm with moving cattle.

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