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Thread: What is the limit on dogs you can own?

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    What is the limit on dogs you can own?

    I currently have 3 dogs, and I seriously contemplated rescuing this one husky last December but never ended up doing it. Part of the reason I didn't adopt a fourth dog is because I don't have a fenced in yard yet and also because it would probably be pretty challenging to walk four dogs at once. In addition to that though, one reason I didn't get a fourth dog is because my Dad, who is a judge, claimed there is some law that says you can't own more than 3 dogs unless you have something called a kennel license, er something like that. But I've noticed a lot of people on this board have 4 dogs +, and my friend who is a trainer at PetSmart owns 5 Doberman Pinschers and often fosters other Dobermans. Do different cities have different regulations on how many dogs you can own?...Would I need a kennel license (don't even know what one is still) in order to get a fourth dog?...'Cause my Mom's boyfriend talked to someone at City Hall er some place just the other day, and he was told I could definitely legally have more than 3 dogs and even start a doggie daycare (considering doing this some time in the future) as long as the dogs don't disturbed the neighbors by means of going to the bathroom in their yard, excessive barking, whatever else could be bothersome, ya know?...

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    I believe every township/city/borough (whatever your local boundaries are) determine their own limits on animals. Although it is not the sole determining factor, one of the factors taken into consideration is the amount of space between properties. I live in a township that has a lot of open space, but also has a lot of condos and townhouses. I thought there was a four dog limit; however, a friend recently told me that there is no ordinance (local law) limiting the number of dogs we can have. So you need to check with your municipality.

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    Yes, you need to check with City Hall, Town Hall - whatever your local government is. It varies from place to place.
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    Every city / town has its own ordinance. Here in my city, limit is 3 dogs per home. For 4 of more, you need a kennel license.

    Yes, I have 4 dogs, no I do not have a kennel license. I simply do not get a city dog license for Ozzy. At his age, and as he was the last one to arrive, I figure he will be on to the next life before anyone figures it out. Could I be fined? Sure. Could I be forced to rehome one dog? Absolutely. I keep a low profile re the dogs, make sure Marlin keeps it down, etc. (Marlin is the only one who barks!)

    The city next over has a 5 dog limit.

    The cat limits change as well from one town to another. My city does it by having an "anti hoarding" ordinance. If the ACO determines you are hoarding, he can remove cats from your home; even if they are all up to date on vet care etc. (There are guidelines for him to apply, it is not totally subjective; but there is definitely an element of subjectivity about it.)

    The city next over limits cats to 3 per home.

    Some areas will have breed specific legislation, so you may as well learn all you can about your city. Some require extra homeowner's insurance for certain breeds. (My city may for all I know! It has never been an issue with bichons.)

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    I just looked it up for my city and there is no limit. However, I have a limit as to what I can afford and what the boyfriend will allow (he owns the house).
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    It does depend where you live. Out here in the city you can own one cat and two dogs or vice versa. Never 3 dogs unless you are a business. Living in the country is different, I'm allowed 6 dogs because of the property size and because we have livestock (had horses) dogs are to protect livestock. I never did own 6, only 3 . Still can keep the ones I have if I say I will be getting other animals....we have had none now for the last year. But we still have a leash laws and even the cats have to be licenced and will be picked up if found one to date has licenced a cat that I know of...

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    I know a lady in the Phoenix city limits with 8 dogs. She said she isn't breaking any laws because it goes by how much land or how big your lot is. All of hers are under about 15 lbs anyway... Shih Tzu's, Pugs, (mixes of those two due to an accidental litter) pomeranians and chihuahuas. She said, "they really only make up about 3 bigger dogs."

    I always wondered if she really was allowed to have that many. But she takes such awesome care of them I wouldn't ever turn her in even if she did have too many.

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    When I lived in Ohio.. I lived in a small town, I had always heard the limit in city limits of that town was 3 dogs.. however there were times when I had about 6 I only licensed 3 of them... however, I think as long as neighbors didn't complain, they pretty much let it go... I always made sure no one stood outside barking at crazy hours and they never got loose and the neighbors were great about my dogs.. one of our neighbors had several of her own dogs, plus did a lot of rescue work so she always had 5-6-7 at her house... heck that town hardly ever enforced leash laws!! which was rather annoying really....

    Now that I live in NC, honestly I have NO clue what the limit is... but I live way out in the middle of nowhere... so I don't think anyone is really going to care.... I live on the dead end of a gravel road.. so not a lot of people out my way... plus my "neighbors" (they live down the opposite end of the road) have about 10 dogs of their own...
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    In Lane county there is no restrictions on cats although if your cat does get picked up, they will make you pay an impound fee! I didn't know this. Im not seeing anything about restrictions on how many dogs a person can have although they do have a section on kennel licences so I figure there HAS to be some sort of limit.
    In Carson City the maximum ammount in the city limits was 3 dogs. No limit on cats there either unless there was evidence of abuse or neglect.

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    In my city, it is a limit of three.

    Due to my budget, it is a limit of three. That is, no more than 2 big dogs. Those big dogs eat way too much!

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    Don't know about my city, but our housing development has a limit of two pets per household.

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    My city has a limit of 3 dogs and 3 cats. I have 2 dogs and 12 cats. We don't have a license law. My cats were here before the law went into effect, so the ones I have are considered "grandfathered". That means I can't add any more even when the ones I have leave.

    But since no one has a clue what cats I have, who would know if I add or remove a cat or two? Even I need a check list sometimes.

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    When I got my fourth dog someone tried to tell me that I could only legally have 3 so I called the auditors office who are the ones who sell the licenses and they said there is no limit to how many dogs you have as long as they are pets and your are not using them for breeding and selling them. Of course, you are supposed to have them licensed and if you get caught without the license you get fined. After so many dogs (I think 7) you can get a kennel license which just means it costs less to license them. We have always bought the licenses because it is also another way your dog can be identified and returned if he/she ever gets lost.

    A few years ago we were thinking that we would have to move to Florida. The county in which we were going to be moving had a 3 dog limit and at that time we had 5. Oreo was up there in years so we thought we might be able to get her in pretty easily but didn't know how we would get the extra one in too. Thank God we never had to find out.

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    Well in our city, the limit is 3 dogs.
    In our house, the limit is 2... but I'm working on that one...

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    We don't have a limit here for the amount of dogs you can have. Right now I'm at my comfortable limit of four pups. If there was a rescue pup that needed a temporary place to stay we could make room.
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