Hello everyone. I have a 4 year old Mackeral tabby cat that has had urinary problems for about 2 years. After about 5 visits to the vet where they were just giving me antibiotics because they said it was a common UTI, a dr said Irwins diet had to be changed. The dr squeezed his bladder and bloody urine came out with sand looking granules in it.

They put him on Hills C/d and he did well for a few months. The flare ups of not be able to urinate stopped. Then out of nowhere Irwin who is neutered, starts spraying. He used to do that when he couldnt pass urine. I went back to the dr and explained that I didnt think his urinary problems were fixed because he sprays when he is ill and it hurts to urinate in the litter box. The dr took x rays and told me his bladder was fine and it was probably just a habit. That was in March.

Last night, Irwin jumps up on the bed and squats and wham, red urine everywhere. It was like him saying, IM SICK AGAIN.

I took him to an animal medical center, and after 568$ I am still discouraged. Their doing a urine analysis, and blood work, the cat still has crystals and hes on CD.

I have to call back on Thursday and the dr will most likely change Irwin to something called "S/O" Is that better for him? He said they dont use CD anymore.

His X rays showed no stones, but the lining of his bladder is thicker then it should be. The dr said this is probably something chronic with him, and we can treat with anti inflammotories and the right diet.

What is the right diet? Any advice?

Sorry that was long! I love this little guy.