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Thread: Scrumptious Nelly

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    Scrumptious Nelly

    Dear Nelly, do you see what a nice thing your human has done for you? She has nominated you for a very special honor, because she remembers you and loves you SO much!

    A short life, but a happy one with so many loving things in it. I can see that you were a very special bunny, and I am so very glad that you found a lovely home for your time here. Now that you are at Rainbow Bridge, please enjoy allt he sweet things as you wait to be reunited with your humans.

    Happy Pet of the Day!

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    Nelly you are adorable!!!

    I hope you and all your pals at the Rainbow Bridge are celebrating your honor today. It's not how long you lived on earth that counts, it's the love that you encountered and gave. Sounds like your life was very successful.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Darling Nelly, precious, beautiful, baby bunny. We are so honored to have you as our very special, Sunday Pet of the Day! Your Mommy loved you, still loves you so very much, and I hope seeing you remembered here today, for all the world to see, helps to ease her sadness some. I'm so, so sorry your life was cut short; you passed long before your time, sweetheart But your Mom is right. Every minute of every day on this earth you knew just how much she cherished you; every moment of your life with her you were loved, unconditionally.

    We here on Pet Talk all know how hard it is to welcome home another furkid after the sudden loss of a beloved furkid, especially one as special as you, Nelly. And while no bunny can ever replace you, hopefully one day, sometime down the road, just the right one will come into her life, taking her or his own special place in her heart, right beside you; not to replace you, but to carry on your legacy of love! And every creature deserves a guardian as special as yours, and whomever she chooses will be one lucky creature, for sure!

    Enjoy your day at the Rainbow Bridge, precious Nelly! I have no doubt all our beloved furangels are throwing you one fun filled Pet of the Day party!

    And to the Mom of Nelly. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girl with us. Please accept my sincere sympathies on your loss; we all understand how you're feeling, not having her with you. But never forget that one day in the distant future, you and she will be as one again, reunited in love!


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    Thank you for sharing your story about Nelly. I'm sorry that her life was so short, but I'm sure she was very happy with you. This picture of her is very sweet. She was quite beautiful. Congrats on POTD and good luck in your search for a new bunny.

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