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Thread: Meet my nephew, Luke the Lab!

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    Meet my nephew, Luke the Lab!

    My sister and her boyfriend got their first dog today. He's a 2 year old Labrador (mix?) and just a sweetheart. Apparently they got him from a couple that had split. The husband had him and when they left with him he called about 5 times saying how he like certain things and to please take good care of him, etc. So I know he was loved, they just didn't have time for him or whatever.

    They brought him over on their way home and Aunt Kay gave him a bath and some goodies (treats, toys, collars, bowls, etc.) to go home with.

    Anyhow, meet Luke!

    Here he is with his new parents...

    Sitting good for a treat...

    And watching my sister as she put the hose away after his bath. See his markings? That's why I think he may be a mix.

    He didn't meet any of my dogs because the man said within the past two months or so he's become a little dominant towards male dogs. He isn't fixed (and I assure you he will be ASAP) so hopefully that will help a bit.

    Aint he just handsome though???

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    Wowza! Wowza! What a handsome hunk! Congratulations on the new family addition, Aunt Kay! You're so awesome, I hope with your help, he can get to play with Moo and Sim.

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    OMG! I am in love. he has cute markings. I am in love congratulations to your sister and her boyfriend, they look very happy to have him.
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    He's a handsome hunk. That first shot of his head I thought rott for some reason... and then I saw the body and the markings on his legs. It can be hard to tell from pics though... what do you think he may be mixed with having met him in person?

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    aaawww he is handsome that is too bad that they had to give him up but sounds like he was really loved i love that labby smile

    beauitful black labbie baby

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    Classic block-headed Lab face he's got - what a handsome boy! You can tell he has been loved, and is enjoying his "new parents" as well.

    I am so glad your sister and her boyfriend took him, especially as big, black dogs don't fare well at shelters.
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    That Boy's a BIG Dawg!

    Sure hope he enjoyes his new Family - and vice-versa!

    Welcome HOME, Luke!

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    He is a handsome boy! I love his name...I know some kids name Luke but I don't think I've ever met any dogs named that. He looks like a very nice fellow who is lucky to find some nice new humans to care for him.
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    Wow, what a handsome boy, Luke is! I hope he will find a happy home at your sister's house - and with you as his aunt, I am more than sure he will.

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    Aw sweet, I love the first picture. Well, it is always sad and nerve wracking to find a new home for a beloved family member, but this man sure was lucky to find someone in your family to take his pup. Luke will be a fine, happy, healthy dog.

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    He's definitely handsome! I love his eyes and those markings are really unique.
    All the best to him and his new family

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    Luke is doing very well. He got free-roam of the livingroom/diningroom/kitchen today while they were at work and nothing went wrong. My sister called me on her way home to report.

    Damon, my sister's boyfriend, went and spent $80 at petsmart for him today and has the furminater ordered online. After I used it on him last night they decided they needed one!

    They've already got him an appointment with my vet on Thursday (woohoo, $10 off my next visit for a referral!) and she said a week or so after his initial vet visit, they want to schedual his appointment to get snipped.

    I now get to go through those few months that I went through with my brother when he got his dog -- the million questions stage!

    I thought he was Lab/Rott, too. Which would explain why he's 90 pounds, too. He is a SOLID dog. Not fat at all, just SOLID.

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    Hey, he looks like he has Mastiff in him! I love, love, LOVE him!

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    Aunt Kay, Luke is magnificent! I hope that after his sir-jury, he will be able to hang around with the precious Muttlies, that way we will get to see him again via photos. Could you give him a big hug for me, please!
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    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

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    Wow, is he ever gorgeous!! Congrats on the new family member!

    ps What's a furminator? I've never heard of one.

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