For anyone that has not been following Sydney's story here is a recap of the worst two weeks of my life. Sydney, my kitty that I have had for 13 years was diagnosed with an aggressive form of nasal Lymphoma. Two weeks ago, she developed this strange swelling on her head, and was taken to the vets immediatly. Since that first visit, she has had steriod shots, antibiotics, a biopsy, mass removal, pain medication, blood work, etc. costing a total of $850. This morning my vet called me back and told me that it will cost $5,000 for Sydney to get the linear acceleration radiation therapy needed to save her life. There is not one veterinarian oncologist within a 250 mile raduis for me to get a second opinion - as it is I have to travel to Auburn, AL. a 3 1/2 hour drive and leave her there for 3 weeks, to have the treatment. I am an unmarried poor college student, who has already spent all my existing money on her vet bills. I love this cat like she is my own child, my baby, my best friend in the whole world. I have been so devastated this entire week that I am just crumbling. I have a treatment that will save my Baby's life, but because of money, I have to watch her die. I have scrambled up $2000 from my tuition and family members, but I am still $3000 short. Please if you can donate anything it would greatly be appreciated. My baby and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Desperate Kat