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Thread: Pictures of My Gang

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    Pictures of My Gang

    I have finally figured out how to post pictures of my fur babies. I am so excited. I sure hope you enjoy meeting the Dung Gang.

    The first is Mackie, our first rescue. The second is Shelby a humane society adoptee. The third is Carly, the tabby and Persie, the black one. Carly was starving when she showed up at our house. Nothing but skin and bones. I would say she doesn't have that problem anymore. Persie was a feral that I managed to socialize. The fourth is TJ. He was left in one of my colonies when he was about 5 weeks old. The last is Zoyie and Persie. Some people moved out and put her out and drove away. My husband brought her home. She is such a wonderful kitty.

    Next one will have the rest of the guys.
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    The Rest of the Gang

    Introducing the Rest of My Gang:

    These five were left in one of my colonies when they were about 4 weeks old. I didn't intend to keep them but failed at fostering them until homes could be found. I wouldn't have it any other way. First picture is Tanzie, second is Baby, third is Slick, fourth is Ray Ray and last is Bear Bear.
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    And A few from My Colonies

    I have 2 colonies that I take care of every day and am in the process of spaying and neutering everyone. It is taking me time as I paying for it myself and can only do one a week but we are getting there. These are my outdoor fur babies.
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    Just a few more of my outdoor fur babies

    Just a few more of my babies.
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    Oh my goodness!! So many cute kitties. You must be in heaven with all of them. I just love the stripe on Shelby's nose. Too cute!
    So many of them have such beautiful markings.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us. They're all gorgeous.
    Owned by Sky, Pearl, Ziggy Stardust, Alani, Blaze, Colby, Finnegan, and Summer.

    My Rainbow Bridge Babies:
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    Thank you for sharing pictures of your lovely fur crew! Check out TJ's purrno pose, centrefold if I ever saw one, hehe.
    And your feral colony are beautiful, you are a saint and an angel for taking care of them and paying yourself.
    How many do you look after in the colonies?
    I take care of four feral cats in my mum's garden with her, we share buying food for them, they are all neutered. It is a family of four, mum, dad and two boys.
    I find what you are doing inspiring

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    What a beautiful fur family you have! Tanzie and Ray Ray have the sweetest faces! You appear to be in the same position that I was in just a few short years ago. There were feral colony after feral colony and I had them altered as I could afford it because I couldn't find a vet to give me a break on the cost. So many of yours look like ones that I took care of and it sure does bring back memories. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for taking such good care of these babies. They all look so strong and healthy.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Look at all those luscious blackies/tuxies! It is heaven, for sure. I am so happy to meet the entire gang!!!

    And those outdoor babies!! the orange/white guy and the beautiful tortie WOW!

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    MomtoMany, I knew there were many with that screen name but OH! Sweet Kitty Overload! I think you have at least one of every color marking, te hee.

    I love them all! In and Out, you are wonderful to take such good care of God's creatures. Imagine those wee ones being "dumped" in a colony. And the fun and games you must have enjoyed, bringing in an entire litter at once!

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely kitties with all of us.

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    You have a beautiful fur family. Thanks for posting their pictures.

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
    (Romans 8:28)

    I've been defrosted-- Thanks, Sana

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    All so Sweet & Adorable.. great pics thanks

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

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    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on my gang and to respond back to a few of yours.
    TJ is a pistol. He has a wonderful personality. One minute he is a love bug with a purring motor that is incredible and the next a terror on four legs.
    Tanzie we call the "Hussy". On her side is markings that look like an "H". She was part of the failed fostering group (FFG). As babies to help socialize them to touch, I combed and brushed them daily. Now when you touch her, she rolls on her back, spreads her legs, hence the hussy, and wants her tummy combed or brushed.
    Ray Ray is named for my deceased dad. He loves to be loved and loves you back. When you pet him he has to lick the whole time. He and Slick, from the FFG, have hip problems and walk with a small hitch.
    Shelby the one tuxie, does have a very unusual face. She is not a social as the rest and she has her own spot that is hers in the house.
    I do have a thing for tuxies and black kitties although looking at my gang, I guess you could say for just about every type of kitty.
    The o/w guy and the tortie are Brody and Amelia. They are siblings. They both were feral but I can now pet both of them and infact can pick Amelia up and hold her. Amelia will hopefully go this week and be spayed.
    Between the two colonies, there are around 25 to 28 of them that I feed daily. One colony was another ladies and I would just help her out, but she has left that responsibilty with me. It takes me at least 1 and 1/2 hours a day to feed them. If anyone is sick, I trap and take to the vet. I actually had a little tuxie left in my main colony and thought he had an infected foot. I scopped him up easily into a carrier and took him to the my vet. Well, he didn't have an infected foot, he had a tumor. I paid $220 to have that removed and boarded him until the humane society had room for him. I think someone knew he had this and didn't want to fix him so just put in my colony.
    My local humane society has cut me a deal and I can spay/neuter for $50. The lady who you makes the appointments knows me from seeing me weekly at Pets Mart and talked with the vet and that is why I am getting a discount of $20 per cat. She also knows that I did have one aother colony I cared for daily for almost three years. Unfortunately we believe that someone may have poisoned them. They just disappeared 1 to 2 at a time over a couple month period. Animal control here does not capture any cat with a clipped ear so they didn't do it. Plus they had my name and phone number in case there were any problems with the public. I still go by everyday just in case and to whisper a prayer for them.
    I believe these babies God's blessings and it is up to us to help take care of them also along with our fellow brothers and sisters.

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