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Thread: I'm new!!

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    I'm new!!

    Hey! I only just found this site a few minutes ago and it seems pretty cool. anyhoo.. I'm Lorna, 20 and I'm from Ireland. I'm not too sure what to say really.. I have 21 pets (The best pets in the world!! ) I have 5 dogs, 15 cats and one rabbit. we never planned on having so many cats but since some people around here are too lazy to look after their cats then we do it for them! We have loads of space outside for them anyway so they're happy! We've always had pets which is brilliant.. my dad has alzheimers and before he went into a home it was mainly the pets i had for company cause my brother and sister were in boarding school and my mum was working loads so I really love them a lot! anyway.. that's about it for now!

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    Hello Lorna,

    Welcome to Pet Talk! This is busy forum; except weekends things do slow down some.

    I'm Sandie. I live in Rhode Island, USA, with 4 dogs, 10 cats and my father who is 81. My pets are all rescues, either from the city pound, or foundlings, or adopted from a rescue group. Some of the cats are from when I was working with feral cat colonies.

    Hope to see photos of your pets, and learn more about all of you! You will fit right in and enjoy it here, with that crew of yours!

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    That's alot of kitties. You must be a kind person to take care of the critters when others neglect them. Jump right in and post more. Here's a hink....we love pictures!


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