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Thread: THIS Saturday, May 3, No Attleboro, MA

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    THIS Saturday, May 3, No Attleboro, MA

    Just yesterday I learned about a rescue event which is THIS Saturday. Well, I started to gather info FOR NEXT YEAR. Now, it seems I am having a sort of 'mini' booth THIS year!

    Here is the event: Strut Your Mutt in North Attleboro, Mass:

    Scroll down and click on the vendor link there are quite a few rescues attending

    As it is so close we will not be advertised in the pamphlet or anything but heck exposure is good too!

    I've never hosted a booth before, never even SEEN an SPR booth before. (I see my first one the end of May at another event.)

    So this should be . . . interesting. Me and 4 fluffs, a table and a jar, some flyers and pages of dogs for adoption! he he hee.

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    Good luck! And have fun!

    *Thanks Ashley*

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