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Thread: Prayer Thread for Zippy-Kat's *MOM*

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    Prayer Thread for Zippy-Kat's *MOM*

    Quote Originally Posted by zippy-kat

    Prayers for my Mom, please. It was confirmed today that she has cancer.

    I'm taking the news harder than she is
    and finding it easier to cope by ignoring/avoiding any conversation about it.

    Her next doctor's appointment (to discuss a treatment plan) is May 6th.

    Thank you in advance, for those of you who have the strength to Pray for us.

    Let's all gather around and send up some really strong Pet Talk Prayers
    for Zippy-Kat's MOM,
    her faithful Hubby, Zippy-Kat's Younger Sister, and our own Zippy-Kat (Tonya).
    They all need to feel the strength and support of our PT Prayers.

    May God be with you all.

    /s/ Phred & the Prayer Pups
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