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Thread: So... Who Wants to Talk Poop?

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    So... Who Wants to Talk Poop?

    Woke up this morning to what I'd assumed were two vomit spots and two diarrhea spots. Seems Jamie was sick sometime last night.

    She DOES have diarrhea, but it's more of a... bright yellow, kind of the color of vomit or stomach acid when they vomit.

    Now my question; what I had assumed was diarrhea was kind of colored lke chocolate pudding, same consistency (maybe a little runnier) and kind of looked like it contained mucous. Last weekend my sister was over and Jamie threw up while in the room with her and my sister claimed that it looked the exact same. And she saw her vomit with her own eyes.

    I talked to my teacher today (shes a DVM) about what it could be, and I asked well was it vomit, or was it diarrhea? She said it can look the same coming out of either end, and that I should bring her to get checked for worms/deworm her.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? It definitely looked like diarrhea, but I know she threw up and it looked like it last weekend (I didn't see it last weekend but my sis described it to me; my sis had it cleaned up before I got home hehe she's a sweetheart ) and that was my first thought when I saw it this morning.

    But I am further confused because she does have diarrhea... but it's bright yellow...

    This morning she was straining to go but nothing came out.

    I forgot to tell my instructor about that, maybe I'll ask her again tomorrow.

    Regardless she's going to the doc, but it's too late tonight and I just wanted some opinions/advice?

    Also, she *may* have got in the kitty litter box and/or eaten some kitty food; though she's done this before and I've seen her vomit from it and it didn't look like this.

    Thanks guys


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    Once when my bf and I were babysitting his dad's dog we came home to find 3 such piles of what I then assumed was diarrhea under our bed. It was as you described, brown, consistency of choco pudding, and mucousy. But no smell. Well no poopy smell anyways.... Turns out when Dudley had broken out of the babygate he had gotten into some chocolate and that made him puke like that. He was fine the next day.

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Yes, another point I forgot to make - my nose was close to being buried in the mystery piles, but there was no "smell"... no feces smell, anyway, I mean it stank yeah but it didn't smell up the room like one of her accidental nightly gifts have done in the past.

    Oh and I'm near positive it isn't chocolate; the only two items containing chocolate in my room are sitting right here and both are untouched. Unless she would have got into it from elsewhere in the house (but my in laws don't usually keep chocolate around).

    Do you think eating cat poo would do this?


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    It sounds like worms to me, and I thought that even before I read what your DVM instructor said. I thought that because of the mucous you metioned. That is often a sign of worms. Could be something else. But either way, she can' be feeling to well, so a trip to the white coats is in order. They will likely ask for a 'sample,' so don't forget to take one if available in the morning!

    I don't know how much cat poo she would eat to get like that. Mine sneak in to the litter box now and then, I catch them in the act, never see any problem from either end but then I am catching them right away. They sneak in while I am cleaning boxes at night and the baby gates are down; seems like they know my routine as well as I do!

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