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Thread: Amazing Gizmo!

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    Amazing Gizmo!

    Gizmo, what an amazing little guy you are! Even at the tender age of 1 week you knew you future purrent when they found you! You may be a small man, but what a purrrrsonality you have. And to be able to have your furrsibling as a play buddy - you've got life made. All those long, interesting walks in the woods and car rides, too!

    You have the most fabulous COTD party ever; and maybe give Tails a break today!
    Naranj's and P.K.'s Momma

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    How is it possible for a kitten to be that cute???!!! And you grew up to be such a handsome boy, Gizmo! You definitely were meant to be w/your loving family. Enjoy your day as COTD.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    I enjoyed reading about Gizmo today - and seeing his pictures! I can tell that his owner is crazy about him - what a happy cat

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