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Thread: Skye has passed over the "bird rainbow" bridge...

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    Skye has passed over the "bird rainbow" bridge...

    sorry i have not been on much lately i have been busy with getting ready for the twins and all. and this morning i awoke to see that our little Skye parakeet ( whom we just got March 20th, 2008, had passed away. we are not sure how he passed away. but, we will miss him dearly.

    we love you and will think of you often, fly free little one. we will see you soon.

    1 lab/GSD mix pup, Thunder
    1 lab whippet mix, Cinni
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    The little furBabies: 2 dwarf hamsters, Snow,Cinderella.
    RIP Little Jasmine Dwarf Hamster. 2/20/2008
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    Mother to: 13 yr old son, Brady
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    Dear Skye, such a short time here with PT, fly free and enjoy the Bridge!

    {{hugs}} to you, I am so sorry for your loss.

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    I am so sorry about your little budgie. RIP Skye.

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    Poor Skye,

    Such a great loss, he was so beautiful.

    He had a good life and he was loved, that's what counts!

    Rest in peace, say hi to Argranade for me Skye!

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