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Thread: Curlies kitty toys!!

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    Curlies kitty toys!!

    A homeless friend of mine makes Curlies kitty toys, which are a HIT around here! You can buy them (and other fun stuff, too!) from me.

    Bulk and wholesale orders from stores, both online and bricks-and-mortar, are welcomed; PM me for more info. The biggest order so far has been 60, which Cecilia completed in a few days. Because she lives outside, patience is appreciated since I have to find her to place or pick up the order.

    Thanks for reading!!

    edit: Removing the other store's address. There has been a problem getting answers from her, so I'm currently working something out with another store owner.
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    PS-If you buy them from me, they're 75 cents each; an order of 20 or more pays no shipping unless outside the US.

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    We Got Our Curlies!

    The Mooseheart Mumpkees were sort of 'test kitties' when Cecilia first started making curlies so they got to try out several different shapes and sizes. The test mumpkees give 'two pawds up' to the baby curlies - they are small and light weight and slide across hard wood floors for a rousing game of chase. They are purr-fect for carrying too when running from a sibling who wants their toy. The little circle curlies are adorable and it is a hoot to see the guys carrying it in their mouths. Since the curlie just naturally seems to fit over their nose we see some colorful cats running thru the house. The moms here at mooseheart take the curlies and put them in a baggie filled with cat nip and shake it, then let it sit for a few days. It makes the curlies even MORE attractive. I ordered a bunch, but only a few got dolled out cuz momMom is already amassing her mumpkee Christmas stocking stuffers.

    The mooseheart mumpkees heartily endorse them - they are washable and durable and most of all reasonably priced - and when you step on them in the dark in your bare feet, you don't end up limping. Of course, you still have the problem of a wet foot from 'kitty spitty'! /mari
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    I'll try to get a Curlie action pic onto PT somehow; Vista is "protecting" me and won't let me.

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    Here they are Lee!

    Thank you so much Michelle!

    Please be responsible, spay and neuter your pets!

    I've been BOO'd!!! Thanks Lori!

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    THANKS, Katie!!!!

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    Queen Scoopalot says:
    "The cats are Cuckoo for Curlies! I have been run ragged lately, but want to report that the kitties are having a great time with the homemade toys which also help a homeless woman with some pocket therefore goes to a very good cause.

    Every time I look I see one of the herd go prancing by with their fresh-killed Curlie lol! Come on everyone...step right up and get your imported from Virginia CURLIES!"

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    OK, everybody, I just wanted to let you know that, as of yesterday PM, *I* have Pay Pal!! I'm extremely new to it, of course, and Christine, has and has agreed to take payments for me as well. SOOOO...If anybody else still wants Curlies, I'll do the best I can!!

    ps--Call me excited AND terrified!! LOL

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    They look like something Brody would enjoy! any idea how much posting to the UK would be?
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    Hmm. I don't know, but I'll ask around. My guess is not much, because they're so light and so compressible (sp?). I can cram 50 into an envelope a little bigger than 1/2 a sheet of paper.

    Let me go see if the post office has any info that might give me a "jumping off place."

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    OK, about how many were you thinking about?

    edit: Well, 50 Curlies weigh about 5 ounces. According to USPS, First class International for 5 ounces would be $4.50. , if you can see it. That's a jumping off place, anyway.

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    Cecilias lovingly made Curlies have been such a hit around here! To the point of them turning a different color from the combined catspit, and being batted under places that I can't clean under. But they do wash and dry (on fast wash, low dry in a lingerie bag) nicely but then after being marinated in more 'nip they get trashed again! That's why I love the festive colored Curlies so they don't get confused with hairballs etc. I'm so glad you met Cecilia and that you've found such a creative way to keep her occupied, and make her some money too. Keep on crocheting these fun kitty toys Cecilia, and keep coming up with new ideas for more toys Critters! Thanks from my happy feline family! Maybe jumbo bells crocheted inside of balls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by critters
    OK, about how many were you thinking about?

    edit: Well, 50 Curlies weigh about 5 ounces. According to USPS, First class International for 5 ounces would be $4.50. , if you can see it. That's a jumping off place, anyway.

    Anyone in the UK want some? 50 would be too many just for Brody but she would be happy to post them on to others
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    You don't HAVE to get 50. I'm just saying that the postage will decrease less than you'd think, given the weight decrease. Say you get 10, which is about an ounce (yeah, I know--I wish we'd go to grams, etc. too!). For some reason I can't get rate calculator to work for an ounce?...

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    PS--Cat Fish are now prototyped, and a pic is up in catmandu's Curlie thread in Cat Games. Cat Birds should be prototyped by Friday; neither has catnip at this point. They're also available, if you want one or some. PM me your email if you want a pic of Cecilia's chicks (not a kitty toy) or her hats. Personally, I think the chicks are just too cute!

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