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Thread: Kitten trapped somewhere in my house

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    Kitten trapped somewhere in my house

    Seeking any tips to help a kitten out here:

    My guess is that a feral kitten managed to crawl through one of 2 spaces where she might have entered my house from outside. She's in the wall spaces if you know what I mean, not actually in the living quarters of the house. Also, she's not trapped in one spot as I've heard her meowing all over the place, upstairs and down.

    I'm going to get one of those feral cat traps and squeeze it into the downstairs crawlspace. The problem is my house is large (3,600 sq. ft.) so I'm hoping that she will find her way to it! Any tips on how to encourage her to get herself to this one location? Another tactic I'm going to take it to block off all possible sunlight except for the 2 spots where she could have entered the house.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Don't leave any food out for her for at least 2 days. This way when you set the trap with sardines (they LOOOOOVE them!! The smellier the better! )

    Cover the trap. Put a tiny big of sardines on a piece the paper plate in the shape of a pie slice. Put it in the furthest corner of the back of the trap. Remember to also cover the grates on the bottom of the trap where they will walk near the trip plate. Check the trap often. There may even be more than one. So it's best to set the trap one more time AFTER the cat is caught. Just to be on the safe side.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

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    Great advice. Thank you! I actually haven't heard the kitten for a few hours now so she may have found her way out. I'll still set a trap (as soon as my neighbor can get it to me), just in case.

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    I HAD to smile - it is such a KITTEN thing to do, getting into tight spaces, hiding in little holes, oh gosh!

    Praying that either she found her way OUT, or you get her in the trap quickly.

    I have this mental image of you staring at the walls listening for meaows . . . .

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    Hmm, do you have a friend with a Pointer you could borrow? Or even a Rat Terrier, any dog would surely alert you to sounds in the wall that you couldn't hear on your own!

    Good luck, and keep us updated!
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