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Thread: Rest in peace, Caicos

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    Rest in peace, Caicos

    It is with a heavy heart that I come here and bring the news that my beloved Iguana, Caicos, had to be put down on Saturday night, March 15th, 2008.

    After 11 years of healthy life, her Kidney disease finally caught up with her - She'd been increasingly despondent over the last few weeks, refusing to eat or drink, and when she threw up the food I was force feeding her (Ensure shake diluted with water - I got this treatment from an iguana rehab site), I knew this was it.

    I rushed her to the emergency pet vet in a last ditch effort to save her life, but when I got there, and the vet took a look at her, the prognosis was grim at best.

    I made the decision to let her go. I can't bear the thought of her suffering so that I could keep her with me. I buried her right next to my garage, on the hill overlooking the Connecticut valley hills, and I will be planting a hibiscus tree that's hardy enough to live up here over her grave.

    I will miss you, Caicos. Rest well.

    I wrote her a short eulogy and posted it on if anyone is interested in reading it. I may add more to it in the future, but I like it as it is now.
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    I am so sorry about Caicos.She lived a long loved life with you.
    Rest in Peace Caicos
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
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    Thank you...

    Between that, and my fiance that I've lived with for the past 5 1/2 years walking out of my life forever 3 weeks ago, then claiming I was more like a mother to him and it's time for him to "truly spread his wings and leave the nest - to face the world as an adult" was more than devastating.

    He left me all alone in a gigantic house, with a mortgage that's crippling, but at least he's enough of a person to still be paying my utilities, not that it counts for much since my heart has been ripped out and shredded to pieces. But I am dealing with it day by day.

    Seems like all this stuff is happening to me at once
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    Accept my deepest condolences from me and Magda "The Iggy"

    Once you have bonded with those incredible creatures you can help but love them beyond measure.

    I'm sorry that you have to deal at same time to another loss still molt hurting.

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    Oh my im so sorry for your loss rip Caicos. = [
    Justin and the pups.

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    Rest in peace, pretty girl.
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